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Barnum's Greatest Show On Earth

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-Mr. Barnum has íully redeemed his prormse to present to the public au aggregation surpassiug anything he haa heretofore brought together. The menagerie is one of the best ever seeii, some of the cages containing very rare auimals. The museum is íull oí novelties, iucluding several well-arranged automatic figures which produce considerable merrimeut for the little folks. The circus compares favorably with auy ever giveu under the management of H Priuce of Showmen." One of the most interesting features in the latter is the performance of the trained Btallions. These auiumls are superbly beautitul aud the very perfüction of grace, and under the signaling of thoir trainer, Mr. Oarol Autony, execute many difticult movements with a promptness which is really astonishing. Amoug the equestrian performers Mr. Chas. Fish shows great skill as a bareback rider with apparent ease and grace. The leaping of Bachelder is one of the greatest feats, he going over the backs of six elephants arranged side by side, turning two complete soinersaults In the air. The Japanese balancing act, together with the performance of "the woman with the iron jaw," calis torth great applause. The clowns are good, their entertainment being out of the stereotyped performance of circus clowns. Barnum's great show will be here on Tuesday, July -3. Keserved seats can be obtained at Ti'emftiue's drug store. Excursión trains on all roads. Wheu a farmer biings a load of wheat to market he wants to know that the luoney he receives for it is worth just what it says on its face. He does not want a printod lie. JiüWAKD DÜFFY has renewed liis stock of Choiee family Orocerios. Especial aítention of all persons putting up fruits is invited to hiis line of Sugars. At no othcr store can as good an articlc be l'ound for the same nioncy. liurv perxon iuaebted to the Altéis Office eitlier for subscription aihcriisinu. or job iiiuiiu, is invited to iii;iK iiumediute payment. I''i'y lollar due us is greatly ueeeded.


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