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A Poverty-stricken Man In Luck

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It was duriug the war that a wellknown business man of this city kept gossip going, and his money, too, in the whirl and excitement of a He had large army contracta, and frota tuem his resources cume. The money, easily obtained, was in truth thrown away. He had barrels of it. Estimates as to his means were not infrequently placed at $2, 000, 000 or 83, 000, 000. He had all the attributes of a prodigal - in fast hoises, fast women, an unqnenchable thirst for wines, and the desire to be talkcd abont as a man about town. He was as generous as he was reckless, and fair-weather friends swarmed about him. Tbey helped themselves to hisiunds and sang his glories as long as he had a dollar to spend. In the height of his folly he thought of what was to como - the inevitable death. What men said about him living puffed up his vauify, but what they would say about him dead must depend upon the splendor with which he could go out of the world. Over bis grave he wanted to have the most imposiug monument in Spring Grove. Td preparo for this possession he, one day, extraeted from his Government bonds $25,000, and put them in an envelopej whicñ, being sealed and indorsed "proposals," he placed in his safe. In his round of dissipation the monument and everything connected with death slipped from his memory. The natural sequence of his mode of living - distressing poverfy - came upon him, His family barely had enough to keep soul and body together. His horees, diamonds, finí house, business and friends passed away. In the wreek ho moumed his folly' and worked at whatever hc could get to do. Amoug the things left to him were barrels and boxes fllled with valueless paper. Years went on without improvement in his affaire, nntil last MondRy cvening. Whi)e overhanling the contents of one of the barrels, a paskage indorsed "proposals" spurred his curios:ty somewhat. He broke the seals, tore off t'ie wrapper, and, to his astonished gaze, $25,000 in bonds were revealed. They were the monument f -nd, long forgotteu, and now resnrrected when a dollar to him was as big as a three-sheet postor. - üindnnati Times.


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