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The Bannock Indians

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Gen. Crook, the bost tudian fighter iu the country, says that it is n bard thing to be forced to kill the red men when they aro clearly in the right. He was among the Bannocks in the spring, and, iinding them iu a desperate situation, telegraphed for support, bnt word carne that no appropriation had been made. He states that the tribe have never beon lialf fed. The Agent has sent them ofiF for half a ycar, to enable tbem to piek up somethiug to live on, bnt there is nothing for them in this country. The buffalo are all gone, and an Indian can't uateh èntragh jackrabbits for hiraself and family, and then there armit enongh jaek-Ñibbits to catch. A 7b at are they to do? Starvation is staring thein in tho face, and if thcy wedt much longer will not be able to light. They understand the situation, and fully appreciate what is before them. Those prairies are their last sourco of subsistenee. They are covered with water from April tO June or July, and there is a sort of root which grows in them like a sweet potato. A squaw can gatlier several bushels a day of thoin. They then dig a hole and build a fire in it, After it ia thoroughly heated the roots are put in and boked, and when tliey aro taken out they are v ry swett and nice. This root is their in liu sourecof food supply. When that fnils, and their rquaws and children are stu;viug, they go to war. Then the army is sent out to kill them. Gen. Crook has a strong word for the present Indian poiicy. He calis it au outrage. The United Presbyterian Church report tor the ycar endiug May 1, 56 presbiterios, 047 ministers, 792 congrega - tions, 78,6-lS members, and 709 Suudayschools, with GO.'iJS offioers and scholnrs; total contributioDs were 8782,666. The contri luitions by Sabbathsehools were 823,210. Jekusalesi has only a tUiwl of ,Jews among its 39,000 people,


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