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American Ingenuity At The Exposition

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The Paris Exhibition ia the interpretar of the tliougtit, and the orator of the toxt. Now take f ome of the work of the hand of American labor as you see, and study it in the Paris Exhibition, aud trace it over the earth. In all the gorgeous sections of the more pretentious ancient natioDS there is not one thatdoes notpartJy pay uncouscions tribute to American ingenuity. Tho agricultural implements of Eügland are miiny of them modeled after Amoricau origináis. The watehmakers of (leneva admit tho successful competition of the New Euglaiid chronometer. The printed oottous of Manchester yield to the superiority of MassaHinsetts fabri s, often sold over British eouuteis to forcigu customers. The jewelry of Italy is wovcn out of the liuest fibers of the gold of Nevada. The dehate processes of-Freneh refining aud metullurgy are conducted with the quicksilvor of California. Siöger sewing machines are for sale in all the cities of Europe; Fairbanks' sealcs are used in the distant capitals oï the Oriënt. American pianos and parlor orgaus are bought by the humble foreigners, and even by those in good circumstances. who caunotafford the eostly instniments of Paris and London, and even trained experts preferthe American pianos to the best product of tbc great piauo-makers of Germany. The outlcrs of SïicHield admit the finish of the cheaper and better work of Ilamilton Disston, and the acci;racy of tho fine edged tools of Sellers & Co., Philadelphia. - J. V. Forncy, in Philadelphia Press. The Japanese Government are evidently lusing no time in exteudiug their svstem of telegraphic communication, for thero are now 125 telegraphic stations in the country, and it is efit'mated that there are 5,000 miles of wiro in operatiou ; 1,000 miles more are in course of eoustraction, and still furthcr exteusions are contemplated. Censidering tliat the first telograph line. for practical purposes was uot crected in Japan befoie (he end of 18ü9, the result achieved is l)y no means unsatisfaetory. Labokeks obtain from 90 cents to $1 per day in Montreal.


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