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Bed napkins sliould only bc used with red cloths. Buet Harte has gone abioad to his httle Consulate. If a youug man cannot marry the girl he wants, let him try the girl that wants tiira. The NiHlists in Bussia show their eontempt for religión by smoking eigarettes In catkedral aud churches. A vbbï littlc one, dressed up in its vcry long Sunday olothes, is like a sixpenoe ticd up in the corner of a pockethandkerc'jic'. The experiment of ladies' carriages was tried on the English ruilway, and it didn't work, somo ladies going so far as to prefer the smoking compartments to being alone. Perby Bowshzb, who was hanged in Chillicothe, Ohio, was convicted on the testimony of his brother, to whom he had incantiously hown a bond stolen from the mnrdercd man. StakiíEY is an awful liar. In odc of his letters about Central África he speaka of "the lions stalking in the hills." He'ü teil ns next that the elcphants can sinR and ehew tobáceo. The father of James Fisk, has been addressing a temperance meeting. In the course of his remarks he nlludetl to the murderer of his son as " a drnnken assassin, who escaped the gallows through a drunken jury." Somebody will find red hair woven iílto a pieceof ingraiu carpet one of these days. Libby Barkley, wliile working at a loom in Tlïompsonville, Conn. , let the machinery get hold of her long ourls and in a tninkliDg theywere absorbed in the earpct. A Chicago man has inventcd a kind of ink specially buitable for lovers. It remains bright for live days after use, and then fades out, leaving the paper entirely blank. Thus the most gushin ■ correspondence would be safe against exposure. ' Tite Christian at M ork bas an interesting work on Sunday-schools in the United States. There are aboutl8,000,000 cbildren between the ages of 3 and 18, while the attendance at the öunday- schools is only a little over 7,250,050. At Brookfield, Mass., " a man's vest, hanging on a peg in a barn, was blown back and forth against the post by the breeze through the open doors, until matches in the pockets mre ignited, and, had not some one chancwl to be close by with water, the barn and conteuts woult have been destroyed." The cruelty of which a Wisconsin wife oomplains, in her suitfordivorce, astha her husband tied her securely an( shaved her head. The dcfense is tha she bleaelied her black hair to lcmon color by the use of acid, and that he deemiög such a thinghighly scaudalons taok the only means of undoiDg wha sbe had done. He says that he bough a wig for lier, imitatingher natural hair sothat her baro hcad mightbeconcealet while nature was remedying the disfig uration.


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