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Consumption--a New Remedy Suggested

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Medical men have known for a long time that the best remedies for consumpon were plenty of pure air, sunshine, nd exercise, and also food that con;ained much carbon. Cod-liver oil has jeen a favorite remedy, and has done jood in prolonging the lives of conumptives, and putting off the approach f the grim monster. The virtues of other remedies are in proportion to the mount of carbon they can infuse into lie system to feed the consuming flame tiat 'wastes the body. The theory is liat the internal fever burns up the caron in the blood f aster than the food eatn can replace it. The disease then ireys on the f atty substances of the body, nd destroys the lungs, and eventual ly ife. In short, there is not oil enough n the lamp for the wiek, and the latter s burnt and the light goes out. The Chicago Tribune prints an interestiüg etter f rom Dr. D'Unger, cf Minncapois, Minn., on this subject, in which he makes public a prescription which he declares has produced excellent effects, to lis personal knowledge. This is his jrescription : One-half pound fiuely-cut-up beefsteak f reöh) ; One drachm pulverized charcoal; Four ouuces pulverized sugar ; Four ounces rye whisky ; One pint boiling water. Mix all together, let it atand in a cool place over night, and give f rom one to two teaspoon'uls liquid and meat- before each meal. I have ueed this preparation very frequently, and have nover foundit actotherwiuethanbenefioially. The dose should be email at flrst, unlil the stomach becomes used to it, and then ;radually increased. This remedy has, at least, the ment of simplicity. Any one can try it.


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