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For Governor - ORLANDO M. BARNES, of [ngbun. For Lieuteuaut-iiovernor - ALFREDB. BWJQTEFORD, of Marquette, For Secretary of State- i.KORGE H. MURDOCII.oi' R.M-ri.-n. For State Treasurer- ALEXANDKR McFARLTN, of Qeneneo. For Auditor-General- WM. 'l'. B. SCHERMERHORN, of Lenawee. For Attorney-General - ALLEN B. MORSE, of Iouia. Por Commissioner of the State Land Oltie1 - GEORGE H, LORD, of Bay. For Superintendent of Public Instructlon- ZliLOTKS TKl'F.BDKL. of Oakland. For Member of the State Board of Kdueaüon- EDWIN F. DHL, of Keut. TUF. First National Bank of Sagiuaw proposes to reduce its circulation $18,000. To pleaao Ihe greenbackers or with a view to larger profits, which ? The Kepublicau Congressioual Convention for thia district (the Second) has been called to bo held at Adrián on July 30, at 11 o'clock a. in. Tbis county is assigued üfteen delegates. Don Henderson, of the Allegan Journal, bates the Republican hook lor 1880 with U. S. Grant for President aud Thomas W. Ferry for Vice-President. There is no accounting for the tastes and whiins of the average Republican politician. The Detroit Evening News has had its reporters systernatically investigato the strongth of the greeuback movement in the several wards of that city. As a result it estimates the vote of the new party at 2,000, with a slight excess coming from the Republicans. The Manistee Standard nominates Zack Chandler as the Republican candidate for President in 1880. The depth of the editor's siinplicity or ignorance may be imagined on reading thia sentence : " His name would unite the patriotic element of the aation everywhere." The Democratie press of the State very generally indorse the Lansing platform. Here and there an editor thiuks that a sop ought to have been thrown to the greenbrtck whale : that ia that the repeal of the resumption act and of the national banking law should have been demanded. All express satisfaction with the ticket. We are advised that the Demonraey of Hillsdalo County proposo to present ex-Mayor Ira B. Card as their choice for Congress, and asks his nouiinatiou by the district convention. Mr. Card is a man of good ability, and is reputed sound on the finaucial issues now the bone of contention between parties. The Democratie Congressional Committee for this district consists of S. C. Stacy, Lansing; Thos. Howlett (appointed to fill vacancy caused by the removal of A. W. Parkhurst), Hillsdale; T. F. Maloy, Mouroe ; W. D. Harriman, Washtenaw. We suggest to the couimittee the propriety of calling the convention at Manchester, that being the most central place in the district. President Ha yes has thrown a firebrand into the Republican party of New - a cruel job with the mercury up among the 90s - by renioving Gen. Arthur frota the Custom House and Mr. Cornell from the Naval office. They are succeeded by Gen. Merritt and Col. Burt. The Senate will have its say one of these days, - but not until after the fall election. The blow ia struck at Senator Conkling. THE $400,000,000 of national bank bilis now in circulation are taxable to the holders for municipal, county and State purposes. The greenbacks which it is proposed shall be exchanged for these taxable national bank bilis will not be taxable : unless subjected to different conditions from the present greenback issues. Are the owners of roal estáte or personal property anxious to have the taxes now imposed on national bank stocks and national bank bilis transferred to to their lands and cattle and nheep aud and farm inipliments ? Henry S. Smith, the National-Greenback candidato for Governor, running on and indorsing a platform which demands the abolition of the national banks, ia a stockholder in a national bank in the aum of $3,000, besides controlhng $2,500 more of stock as trustee of his daughters. Besides this, he says of the banking business : "It is legitímate business; in fact it is a necesaary business ; what would tho business men here do without aocommodationa at the banks V" The same Mr Smith does n't take any atock in the deinand cf the various greenback platforms that the bonds of the Government must be paid in a new isaue of greenbacks, but says, "I do think the Government must pay its bonds in gold ; anything short of that would be repudia tion ; it would make wretched work." And again this saine Mr. Smith aays : "The national banks are bad for the Government but good for the poople." Mr. Sinith is evidently mixod in his fiuancial ideas, - just like the average greenbacker. The advocatf.s of absolute or "fiat" money - the greenback shorn of its prouiise to pay - say that no provisiou for redemption or conversión into coiu is necessary, and that it will be redeemed every time it passes from the hands of one man into the hands of another. Suppose that Peter Cooper, finding hiinself with an einpty pocketbook and his bank closed for the day, should borrow $5 or $25 of a confiding friend, giving his note for the same payable on deniand ; or should even, his friend knowhis wealth and haviug the confidence in him that the oitizen does in the Government, Bubstitute for the promise, "This is $'25. Peter Cooper." Would the passage of such noto to a third person, whoBe faith in its maker leads him to accept, it be either payment or redemption, and relieve Mr. Cooper from any further obligation ? Will soine greenbacker teil usr'


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