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The Crowning Exhibition!

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I TTT'inIL ZEE ZESjESIEÜLsTO: At Ann Arbor, Tuesday, July 23d, WITH P. T. BARNUM'S OWN AND ONLY GUEATEST SHOW ON EAETH ! And from the Arena Address and Welcome my Fatrons, A.FTEKNOON AND EVENING. The iihh( iii;tniiitif'nt :unt ui n:ui m1 cxliibition ever witucssed in Miis or any otlier citj'. ALL TUK NEW ATTBACTIONS reueived with the wlldest dellght every where. üThe universal verdict ia Ikii Barnuiu lias The &randest Eing Pageant ! The Most Marvelous Museum ! The Most Living Curiosities ! The Largest Menagerie ! Aileraii .'pprienceof forty years I proclaim this, my latest cffort, THE TROUPE OF KOYAL STALL1ONS Tbé most beau tl fu] umi Intelligent animale ever scen, are 20 ht niiniber, and wero tmoorted ut :i Oost of $150,000, from thëir Boyal mustera, the Kiu perora ol Itussia and Qermany, the lat' Víctor Bmmaniiel, King oí Italy, and the irand Khan of Tartary, They appear uiider tlie aireotfon uf their trainer CA.ÜL ANTONY, .TJR,., At eacli performance, in rarious mts, eoncluding with the introduction of the ENTIEE NüMBEE IN THE RING AT ONE TIME. Slpgly, 11 pairs, in trios, in qnartettes, in sxtettes, and flnallj tweWe at :; (me these gtaillons came ui the handsome set ringaud gave thoroughly exciling dlsplaysof their abiïitv and their docility. The oocagton.of the performance oy the trilde quartette tras uiemosi excitiiig thlngofita kintl we have evt'r witoessed. Mr. AutoDy'a powei ta oertainly as larga us Iiíh personal nppearance is ii!t-. The leaping lnirsi-s wonderful.- Boston TravtUf May 29, PU A S! 'PI'Tl The Champion lïarebael: Bider of the World. A sahurjr of KO.000 a year lJi-ilw' ■ JuiJi wlll cheerfolly be paid lor the equal of thla great aitisl. )VM. MUliUAA, Th(. Lightnlng Hurdle Bider. MISS KATJE 8T0KES) TbeSreatLedyBareback Rider. V'Y V '? 'V7?Mi 'NP AT WP7I A ATrFV Over wllose backs JOHM nJA. 1 IjHrUItMlXlr líilsflil llii liï, BATCHELOR perfornu nis wonJerful kftp, Itirnlugra TRIPLE B0MERSAT7LT. AyuKnA V Lm VJ Jf J ij m lg jg. (W-ISb rI"'h' Palestine Giant, k. mÈrlïlÈk W N FEET G [NCHES lll(;uHlHl'Jtol As the Al]s loonia over hills so does tins Or fPP MODERN SAMSON ri VP Th.o Ciant of Giaats, #jj V H H ANCIENT ÜR MODKRN. ?. 'iSfêi UL"' g Wil' V. Among the thousand of wondors is that WONDERFUL HUMAN Mi R AC LE OF MAN'S ENDUEANCE, THE TATTOOED GREEK NOBLEMAN! TATTOOED FEOM EEAD TO FOOT AR A riNIslIMENT. On the inornlng of the day o!" exhibition a GRAND STREET PAGEANT, of unusual extent aml i'iiai magnifleence, will paso tUrough the principal st reets. One of the features of this scène of procea.sionnl Bplendor ill !"■ the appearanoe of [Oof the20Stallionsln proctasion.ledbytheirforeigngrooni. Uoor oj;d at 1 umi 7 p. i. 1'ci titrmmi' ts une bour luter. Admissiou, 50 cents; child reu tinder nine, half price. Beserved eato. 25 cents extra. For the accommodation -i' ladies, oblldren and II who deslre to avoid the crowda stirrounding the ticket wagons on the shuw rround, Mr. Barnuin lias oponed a ticket office foi the Balé of Tickets and Beserved fieatíatTREMAINE'3 DRÜG STORE, a( tlie usual sltghl advance. Ladies, children and othera vtshing to avold the orowds in tlie evcnini;. ure advised to altend the afternoon exhibition. Excursión t rains ni al] nülToads un the day of exhlbltlon. A Free Ticket giren to nll purchasere of the "IÁJ'e of Barnum," or his latest story of "I.ion Jack." The show exliibits at Detroit July 22d, Jackaon July '24, Three Rivera July 25.


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