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How To Avoid Sun-stroke

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bun-stroke 18 causea by excessive beat, and specially if the weather is "muggy.'' It is more apt to occur on the second, third or f ourth ay oi a heated term thau oa the iirst. Loss f sleep, vtforry, excitemeut, close sleepingooms, debility, abuse oí stimuiauts predispose ;o it. It is more apt to attack those working i the suu, aud espocially betweeu the hours f 11 o'clock ín the morning and 4 o'clock in he afternoon. Ou hot days wear thin clothng. Have as cool sleeping rooms as possible. .void loss of sleep and all unnecessary fatigue. [ working m-doors, aud where there is artiicial heat - laundries, etc. - see that the room s well veutilated. If workiug in the sun, wear a hght hat (not black, as it absorba heat), traw, etc, and put inside of it a wet cloth or large green leaf ; frequently lift the hat from ie head and see that the cloth is wet. Do ot check perepiration, but drink what water ou need to keep it up, as perspiratiou preeuts the body from being overheated. Have, whenever possible, au additional shade, as a iiu unibrella, when walking, a canvass or mard cover when working in the sun. When much fatigued do uot go to work, but be exused from work, especially af ter 11 o'clock in ie moruing ou very hot days, if the work is n the Bun. If a feeling of fatigue, dizziness, eadache or exhaustion occurs cease work immediately, lie down in a shady and cool place ; pply cold cloths to and pour cold water over lead and neck. If any oue is overeóme liy ïeat send immediately for the nearest good liyaician. While waiting for the physician ;ive the peraou cool drinks of water or cold lack tea or cold coftee, if able to swallow. f the skin is hot and dry, sponge with or pour oíd water over the body aud liuibs, and apply o the head pouuded ice wrapped in a towel r other cloth. If there is no ice at hand, eep a cold cloth on the head, aud pour cold ater on It as weli as on the body. If the erson is pale, ver. faiut and pulse feeble, let uní inhale ammonia for a few seconds, or give im a teaspoonful of aromatic spirits of amniona in two tablespoowfuls of water with a littlo ugar. ____


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