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C. H. Millen & Son

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Original Cash Dry Goods House, Ann Arbor. At Cosí ! AT COST ! At Cost ! C. H. MILLEN & SON "Will commeneo theii great SEMI-ANNUAL COST SALE OF SUMMER GOODS On Saturday morning, July 6, and continue the same through the month of July ! U3 Make your dollars teil, and save wliat money you can by buying your goods at tliis Great Original Cost Sale. Every Lady residing in the City and County will certainly do herself great injustice if she does not make it an especial duty to cali at our Store during this Great Cost Sale. 200 pieces Choice Dress Prints, at 4 cents per yard. 300 pieces liandsome Cambric Prints at 5 cents per yard. 5,000 yards yard-wide Brown Sheeting, at 4 and 5 cent?. 3,000 yards yard-wide Bleached Cotton, at 5 cents. 50 dozen Ladies' White Cotton Hose, at 5 cents per pair. 500 pieces Frence Embroideries, at 3, 4, 5, 8, and 10 cents. Black Silks at cost! Slimmer Silks at cost! Colored Silks at cost! Black Alpacas at cost! 10 pieces All-Wool Black Cashmeres, cost, 45 cents. Our 65 cent Kid Glove, cost, 50 cents. Linen Lawns at cost! Dress Goods at cost! Hosiery and Gloves at cost! Ribbons and Laces at cost! Linen Suits and Dusters at cost! Our entire stock of $25,000 worth of Rich Dry Goods at cost, for thirty days only. UP" We are determined to maka this tke Greatest Cost Sale ever offered to the public. Our customers will find that we are making an Extraordinary Sacrifice.


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