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What Becomes Of Wealth

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A boot and shoe dealer bas hanging in Lis store a pair of boots worth S7 Tliey constitute :i part of bis wealtb and a portion of tbe wealtb of the world A inan buys them and begius to wea: tbem ; by friction agaiust tbe pavemen littlë pnrticles of tbe leatber are rubbei off, and tbus separated from tbe rest o the sole. Every partiële tbat is tbus removed takes out a portion of the value of the boots, and when the boots are en tirely worn out the $7 of wealth whicb they formed is consumed. Tbe wheat corii, etc., wbicb was raised by om farmers last snmmer is being eaten up No partiële of malter is destroyed bj this process, but the value which was in the grain is destroyed. As, wbile men are wearing out cloth ing a7jd eating up food, thty are gen erally busily cmployod produciug wealth of somekind, tlio wealth of the world is not nsually dimiuished by tbc con sumption, but it is changed. This ap plics, howevcr, ouly to personal prop erty; town lots and farms generally re tam tbeir valué, but personal propertj is subject to perpetual destruetiou anc renewa). As the several parlicles o water wbicb constitute a river are forever rolling away to the ocean, while tbeir places are being supplied from the springs and fountaius, so the movuble wealth of tbe world is constantly being consumed to gratify human wants, anc constautly being renewed by the restless activity of human industry.


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