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Sherman On The Griddle

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Seoretiiry ShcrmiiD, saya a Washington dispatch, is vfiry much dinhirbed nt tlio way the Loxiisianaond of the inyestigatiuii is going. 'J'ho testimonyuioefln't appeai to snit him. He expresseajdissatiefaction with tlie way bis cafo is beiug mauas;ed, und lias requestcd Shollabargcr to go dowu to New Orleaiis and takt! charge of liis defeDse. Ohairraan Potter liius forwardcd to Sherm;u a reply to the latter's rcquost that several hnndied witnesbes, whom he ├▒ames, may bo summoned to provo that there was intimida tiou and frand in Louisiana. Potter reminls Sherman that the principal witnesses whom he asks for have ilready been summoned, including Weber, whoso testiraony has beta takoo, and that every othor request of tlie Secretary has been grauted, bnt the committee liave not yet decided to go iuto the qucstion of intimidation, and he (Potter) does not think it germano or necessary. The alluuion to Weber's testimony is a httlo rough in view of the facts. Weber wt 8 summoned at Sherman's instance as his witness. Ou his arrival Sherman and Shellabarger interviewed him, and undertook to "coach" him. Finding that Weber didu't "coach" -vrorth a cent, and -wasn't likely to givo the kind of testimony wanted, tliey dropped him and toldhim he might go homo, but ome of the committee thought he might as well testify as long as he was hero ; so he stayed. It isa singular fact that every witness so far has been a Eepublioan.


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