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Miscellany: Jewish Liberality

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The proportion of tuin: and property, which cvcry Jew was required lü devote to the inlelleclual, bencvjlcnt, and religlous purpose3, was as follows : In regard 10 property, they were required to give one tenth of all their yearly incnue, to support the Levues, the priesis, and tho religious service. Next, they were required to giv the ñrst fruits o( all their corn, wino. oiljand fruits. and ihe first bom of all their cattle, for tho Lord's Treasury, to be cmil.yed for ihe pritsis; tlie widow, the fatherlessand the stranger. The first bjrn, also, of their ehildren. were the Lord's, and vere to be redeonied by a specified s'irn.. puid into thesacred trensury. Besides ihis, they were required lo bring a freewill offering to Gud. every time they went up to ihe tliree great yenrly festivals. In addilion lo ihis, regular yearly saci ■ fi :e?. of caiile and fowla, weie r q lired ol every fa.iiily. and occasidnal snor fi :es for certuin sins or ceremonial mpuritics. In reaping iluir fieldfi, they were required to leave unreaped, foi thepoor, the corners; not to iilean lluir ficlds. oliveyards, or vineyarda ; and, f a sheaf left, by tnisiake. ihey were not to return for ii but leave it for the poor. VVhen a man sent away a servant, hc was tlc.s charged : ;' Furnish him liburallv out of tuV fl)ck, and out olihy floor, anJ out of ihy wine presa." When o poor man cama to brrrow inoney, they were ( forbidden 10 deny hïrti, or take nny 'mierest ; and il, at the subbatica!, or 6evenlh year, he could not pay, ilic debt waa to be einceled. And u ihis command, is added ibe significant caution. "Beware lint tlierc be not a thouglit in ihy wieked heart, saying, rbe eevonth year, ihe year of release, 5 at hand ; uad tinne eyo be evi! Bgmnst thy poor brothcr, and ihou giveèt lmn üoimht ; and ha cry unio the Lord against him and u be sin unt. '!.ee. Thou shalt surely g'iVJ, li'uu," v becausy that lor this tbiög the Lord thy God sholl blesa tiice in all thy works, and nnlltli.t thou puttest ihy li;uid tuno." Beöidc-8 ihis, the Levites were dislributcd through the land, wilb the inicn;ion that iliny should be msiruciois and priests in uvery puri of the nanon. Thus, one lA-elt'ih of ihe peo(.!e wore sei apnrt, Inving no landeJ piopcrty. la bc priests .md eachers ; anJ the othor iribeö wcro required to support iheni liberally. Jn regard lor ihe tune takon froiu secular pursui:s. lor the suppoitof religión, au oquilly liboral ainouni was demandud. In i!ie lirst place, üne sevenih parioflheir time was tiiken lir ihe weekly Sabbaih when no kin-J of w.trk was 10 be Jone. Thfii the whulë nation were required lo meoi. nt ilie appjinied pliicc, ihreo linies a year, whicl), iiulud.n iheir journoyi, anl dtay ihere, occupted eight weeks, or ahotjor seven-.h part uf ilieir ii:ue. Tiien the subbalical year, her. rui agricuhmal or:i wjs to bo dne, tojk au■ .tier ovoiilh o!" t'vjir umu from ihir reguJai purauiu, ns ihev werean ngnöiiltural peopU;.- This was the atnount of tuno and prnperty deináudüd by God. imply lo suíuíii religión nd moruliiy wahin tlie bound oí' tliut mition. Clirjïli Uiity deuianda the spread of hs blèteinga - lo all in inliin 1. an i so líio resinclion-i Ud on the lews aro withheld. nnd all onr wealth and lime, n t nuedful for our owrt best interest, is to be nnployed " i.nproving ihe condition of our fel luw-!iu-n.DrvTH BAFfi.EU nv Maqnetism is the tille nfn.i iruclc whicb hns ppi-ated m ihe Gospel Bonnor. This uriiclo. wc noiicc, luis been coit-il froiu ihe ibovo in pnpers, anJ doubt le$3 lins been 3sd t.y ilio n-tvocaies of inngnciisin witli s.hiil' intciest. The pipor n which it origniaüy npuenred, is published at Auyuata, Mo. Tho case p a remarkable one. i nd well aulheniicatod. - The editor, Rev. Wm. A. DréwJ Biut&s that he ia acquïiuted with ihe opermor, ond knowa U:.u 'o bo b man. The anide ia sigueil, Philips, aiu! dated, Albion, May 2d, 18'lfi. Tiio writer givca hia .ia:ne and rcsidence, and the name of the person, placo, and date, vhen nnd where ho statcs he íacts to havO occurred. And whal givcs additional evidence of ïhe truth of the staïcment ia the fact that tho case waa reponed in a religious paper publiahed in the near viciuity. Tlie wriier sutes : That death hns been prcvenied by Magnetsm may seem to bo a brond asscrtion, but tha circumstnnces wiíl warrant t. The cose s that of Mrs. Knighta of this town. lier diaease was spós nd of severe distress and votniling wLich continued wiihuut tho intervention of tvventy four h-airs cessniion at any one time, for four weeka. Friday, 22d of January, was the laat medical visit ; 6ho wasgivon over by phyaicians, fainily. friends, and h id come to the same conclusión herself. Fridny nighi, Saturdnv, and Saturdny night,. un til 9 o'c!oc;k shb suffjred a continual courso of votniling ; but atill Ufe remained. At this time thc writcr visited her, and hav,ng learned that no hopea were entertained of her recovery, he fok h rnself at perfect liberty lo try thc strength of niagnotism, so far as hia experience enabled him to go, fearless of censuro from any eource. She was mngnetized, nnd thrown into a calni. chilJIiko sleep, aftcr being without sleep for 43 hours, ncurly all the time in great dietress and vomiting. The writer conlinued with her, and ahe rcated well ihrouch the night. The day following she was grcatly revived in body and mind, lier distress Inving terminated. During the week ahe rapidly a:nendod,flnd was at the date, quite well. She was magnetized as often as evory d;iy for seventeen days. Having for some time past been a canvert to the faith of the tlierapeutic power of magnetism, os a remedial agent in the care of d3easo and the allevintion of human suífering. and having tcsted it by my own experience, I om firmly convinced it is one of the greatest blessings ever revealed to man."