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The Results Of Investigation

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[From the Washington Post.] The Potter committee have proved, beyond suceessful rebuttal, things believed to be true, but not absolutely proven to be tnie" before, to wit, that the electoral votes of Florida and Louisiana, which were given to Hayes, belonged to Tildón. Leaving out of consideration the State of Florida, which no honest man will deny to have been stolen, we will take up Louisiana. As to this State the Potter committee have clearly proved: 1. That a conspiracy was entered into by certain Republican leaders, the object being to hold no eleotion in East Feliciana, Grant and other Democratie parishes. 2. That the fact that no Bepublican votes were cast in East Feliciana was not due to intimidatior, as alleged, but was owing to Anderson's advice to the Republican leaders not to vote, as it would have a better effect than all the aMdavits that could be produced. 3. That for a period of two days after the election the Republican leaders admitted that Tilden and Nicholls had carried the State by a heavy majority. 4. That when it became evident that the election of Hayes depended upon the result of the State, delibérate preparations were made for the purpose of defeatihg the will of the people as expressed at the polls. 5. That, in pursuarce of this plan, protests forged and altered to suit the occasion were made for the parishes of East and West Feliciana, whereby a Democratie majority of over 2,800 was changed to a Republican majority of 500. 6. That the Supervisors of the abovenamed parishes were prevented by promises of reward made by John Sherman and others from exposing sach forgeries. 7. That on the 27th day of November, when the Returning Board proceeded to sum np the result of their labors,' it was discovered that, while Packard and a Republican Legislature were elected, Hayes was defeated. 8. That after the above date, and in order to secure the electoral vote for Hayes, forged protests were made for Riohland and other parishes, and the returns from Lafayette and other parishes so changed as to increase the Republican vete. 9. That affidavits bearing fictitious names, and the names of dead men, were manuf actured in the Oustom House, and upon such affidavits various Democratie polls were thrown out. 10. That the acts above recited were known to some of the visiting statesmen, and received their approval. 11. That the electoral vote of the State, as counted before the two houses of Congress was a forgery. 12. That John Sherman, now Seeretary of the Treasury, and at the time the personal representativo of Mr. Hayes, was guilty of subornation of perjury. 13. That the leading parties necessary to a completion of the fraud were proniised by him protection and rewará. 14. That the fraudulent President, in fulflllment of Sherman's and Noyes' promises, has rewarded with office every scoundrel connected with the great crime in both Florida and Louisiana. 15. That Stanley Matthews, a Republican Oenator from Ohio, and Justice Harían, a Judge of the Supreme Court, had guilty knowledge of the fraudulent transactions by which the vote of Louisiana was stolen, and personally interested themselves to reward and protect the crimináis. 16. That Senator Morton and Gen. Garfield, both members of the Electoral Oommission, knew when they voted to count the vote of Louisiana for Hayes that it was both fraudulent and a forgery. 17. That Senator Kellogg, who assisted at the forgery of the Louisiana returns, has since been guilty of secreting the witnesses. 18. That not one of the crimináis who assisted to perpétrate the colossal crime of the age has been punished ; but that all but two - numbering over a hundred - have been provided with offices by Mr. Hayes' direct order or request, and in some cases by and through his continued and persistent interference. With few exceptions these facts are proved, exclusive of the testimony of either Anderson or Weber, notwithstanding that the committee has only fairly entered upon its task.


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