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Civil-service Reform As Administered By Mr. Haves

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Judge McLin, of Floiida, testifled before the Investigating Committee that previous to his appointment as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of New Mexico he had been informed, " at the instance of the President, by Mr. Oowgill, of the Returning Board, thst he would be appointed, the President having told Cowgill that he was uiider both political and personal obligations to Cjwgill and witness.' About this reform there is very muoh of the odor of the old doctrine, " To the victors belong the spoils." Judge McLin further testified as follows: Among the prominent actors in the Florida election in 1876, the following had been rovided ior as stated: Gov. Stearns was appointed on the Hot Springs Comniission. J. W. Howells, who got up Driggers' return, in Baker county, is now Collector of Customs atFernandina, Fia. Joseph Bowes, election inspector, charges with manipulating votes in Leon county, is ie the treasury at Washington. William H. Vanee, c'erk at Archer Precinot No. 2, has a Federal position at Washington. K. H. Black, inspector at the same precinct, has a Federal clerkship in Philadelphia. Bell, inspector in Jefferson county, reeen ed a Federal appointment. George H. León, inspector in Leon county, is a clerk in the treasury at Washington. Dennis, of Alachua connty, had recently a position in the treasury. Moses J. Taylor, one of the Returning Board of Jefferson, is in the Land Offlce at Washington. This is a forcible commentary on the platitudes of Hay es himself, and of journals like Harper's Weekly, on civiiservice reform under the present administration. Those who did little and those who did much in aid of the fraudulent returns, almost to a man, have been rewarded by official appointments. How inconsistent for an administration condneted in this manner to set up a pretense to a higher standard in the making of appointments than had ever been observed bef ore ! Men have been selected on account of political services as mucn as under any previous administration. The principal difference is that but little regard has been paid to the more elevated and reputable kind of work for the party, while most of those identified wilh the success of Mr. Hayes in the States which were carried by fraud have been rewarded. - New York Sun.


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