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Charmed By A Snake

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At the plantation of Mr. Turner, near Lake City, Fia., a most singular scène ocourred, the charming of a thirteenfoot alligator by a rattlesnake. The snake lirst saw the alligator, and with his rattles attraoted the latter's attention. Then began the oharming procesa, which lasted fully half an Jiour. The alligator at flrst turned his head once or twice, but was immediately called to order by t e rattles of the snake. Toward the end of the halfhour, with fixed pyes, the alligator moved slowly toward his terrible enemy until within strikiüg distance, when the snake curled himself more compactly, and, with all the streugth he could muster, struck the alligator. For a moment the alligator shook tremulously, and then, as if by magie, made a semioirole backward movement, peculiar to tho specie, and brought his taii down upon the snake with fatal effect. Our informant then dispatched the alligator, and found that the snake had missed his mark. The snake measured six f eet, and had nine rattles and one button. - fjake Qity (Flas) Meporter.


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