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- A correspondent who iloesn't ezactly like the linaiicial plank of the Democratie State platform, aiul who has observed that it " is highly spoken of by the Republicana, " propounds this conuuilrum to us : " What evil have I done that mine enemies should priiise me '{" As our friend has been somewhat accustomed to run for ofiíce, and has usually, iL not always, expocted and received a largo Itepublican vote, wa may well put these words into his inouth, " What evil have I done that mine euemies should vote for me f lí the platform is right ít won't do any harra for the Bepublicans, " all the world, and the rest of mankind," to praise it. - The demagogues and the tramps who unite in demolishing reapers, mowera, selfrakers, self-binders and other labor-saving machinery - tho men who would let the harvest rot in the field before doing a day's work towards 3aving it- are all attaches of the National -Greenback-Labor party, and talk long and loud about the oppression of capital and the lack of employruent tor the poor. Can a paity which monopolizes the worst element of society, under whose bannor gather the lazy and the vicious, govern the State or nation for good. Is u't it time for the honest farmer and mechanic and day-laborer to look about them and see into whose hunda they are ïJlaying'r - Prof. VVatson reporta the discovery, during tho last minute of the total phase of tlie eclipse, of an intra-Mercurial planet, which he is coniident is the planet Vulcau of Le Yerrier's predictions, and which M. Lescarbault, a a French Astronooier, claimed to have seen ín 1859. Prof. Watsou bilis it as of the size of a four and one-half magnitude star, and locates it two and one-half degrees southwest of the sun, aud seveuty-eigut millions of miles from the earth. Dou't think that we will offer to engineer an excursión to Vulcan this seasoc - Wheu the English and Americaus can't meet their obhgatious in coin they suspend specie payments, issue bank notes or greenbacka, and niake them a "legal tender." The French üoverument resorta to the same strategy in ñnanciering, but being more honest than either English or American, it does not pretend that the paper substituto for coin is money, but frankiy calis it cours force, or forced circulation. And that is what the greenbacï is- forced circulation or a forced loan. - A "royal family" íf not a necessity ís certainly an expensive luxury. England has another íllustration of tbis, both houses of Parliameut haviug voted the Duke of Connaught, who is about to marry the Princoss Louis, of I'russia, $50,000 a year for life, with $30,000 a yoar to his widow, if (to perpétrate a bull) he shall live to have a widow. The "subjeeta" who foot this kiud of bilis niight well pray tor loss prolifie queens or kmgs, as the case inay be. - A correspondent asks (a little late) "why the Democratie State Committee found it neeessary to cali the State Convaution during the middle of harvest, &c." When the convention cali was agreed upon it was supposed, and the meinbers of the Committee were so assured, that the harvest would be unusually early, that It would be over the first week in July, etc. After that carne the cold rains and a later harvest. - In 1S77 Michigan raiseil 1,295,002 acres of wheat, or 22,553,811 bushels, or an average of 17 1-2 bushels to the acre. ín May 1878 the uumber of acres of wheat on the ground was 1,521,770, which at the same average yield of last year would produce 25,895,621 bushels. Of other graius there were acres raised in 1877 as follows : Corn, 738,290 ; oats, 431,358 ; barley, 55,995. The whole uumber of producers in the State, 100,724. - How svould the ardent young greenbacker who bolieves in "nat" or "absoluto inoney," - that the shadow is just as good as the substance - liko to have the tather of "the girl he lovos " put him oö with the photograph of the daughter instead of the daughter herself P LJuess that his skull would n't be so thick as to prevent him from discovering the attompted fraud. -That eclipse of the sun set down tor Mouday last, from 4 to 5 : 57 p. m. proved a total eclipse in this región, though the almanac maker promised to hide but 37-100ths of the sun's disc. Uut then, the coveriug was a little irregular. - Our thanktj are tendered to Senator Christiaucy for a volume of " Message and Documents, 1877-'78," and for the report of the Department of Agriculture for 1870.


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