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NEW ADVERTISEMENTS hilopêraThötjsk Thursday, August 8th. Dion Boucicaults Irish Drama Tlfi GOLLEEN SAWI will be produced by a íirst-class company from Detroit. ADMISSION 50 AND 35 CENTS. No extra charge for reserved seats, which can be secured at Sheehan & Co. 's, Huron street, aud Dougla3 & Co.'s bookstoro. Estáte of John Schneeberger. STATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Washlenaw, sa. At a session of the Probate Court for the County of "Washtenaw, holden at the Probate Offlce in the City of Ann Arbor, on Friday, the twtíuty-sixth day of July, in tlïte year one thousand eight hundred and seventy-eigbt. Present, William D. Harriman, Judge of Probate. In the matter of the estáte of John Schneeberger, deoeaaed. John G. Feldkamp, administrator with the will annexed of said estáte, comes into court and representa that he ia now prepared to render his üikiI account ae such administrator. Thereu pon it is ordered , that Tuesday , the twenty-seventh day of August next, at ten uclock in the torenoou, be assigned lor examimng and allowing Buch account, and that the devisees, legatees and heirs at luw of deeeawed, and all other persona interested in said estáte, are required to uppear at a Beasion of said Court, tben to be bolden at the Probate Offlee in the City of Ann Arbor in said county, and show cause, if any there be, why the Buid account should not be allowed : And it ia further ordered, that Baid administrator witb the will annexed give notice to the persona interested in aaid estáte, of .the pendeuoy of said account and the hearing tbereof, by causing a copy of this order to bo published in the Michigan Argus, n newspaper printed and circu lating in said county, three succeasive weeks previous to said day of hearing. W1LLIAM D. HARRIMAN, (A true copy). Judge of Probate. Wm. O. Dotï, Probate Register. ' 1698 Estáte of Christopher Herzer. STATE OF MICHIGAN. County of Waslitenaw, sa. At a sesaion of the Probate Court for the County Waahtenaw, holden at the Probate Offlee in the city of Ann Arbor, on Tuesday, the ninth day of July, in tlie year one tuousand eight hundred and seventy-eight. l'rjsent, William D. Hnrriman, Judge of Probate. In the matterol the eatate of Christopher Herzer, deceased. Ou reading and flling the petition, duly verifled, Chriatopher Kaiser, administrator, praying that he may be licensea to aell the real estute whereof auid deceused died aeized. Thereupon it is ordered, that Tuesday, the thii-d day of September next. at ten o'clock in the forenoon, be aasigned for the hearing of said petition, uud that the heirs at law of aaid deceaaed, and all other peraona interested in said estáte, are required to appear at a eeasion of said court, then to be holden at the l'robnte Otüce in the city of Ann Arbor, and show cause, if any there be, wfiy the prayer of the petitioner should uot be granted: And it ia further ordered, that uuid petitioner give notice to the persons intereated in said eatate, of the pendenoy of said petition and the hearing thereof, by cauaing a copy of this order t be published in the Michigan Argus, a newBpaper printed and circulated in aaid county, tour successire weeks previous to aaid day of hearing. W1LLIÁM D. HAEKIMAN, !A true copy.) Judge of Probate. Wm. O. Doïy, Probate Kegiater. 1698td Estáte of Thomas Van Gieson. STATE OP MICHIGAN, County of Washtenaw, BB. Notice 18 hereby given, that by an order of the Probate Oourt for the County oí Washtenaw.made on the twenty-fifth day of July, A. D. 1878, six montha from that date were allowed for creditors to present their claims against the estáte of Thomas Van Gieson, late of said county, deceased, and that all creditors of said de ceased are reqnired to present their clim to Baid Probate Court, at the Probate Ofliee in the city of Ann Arbor, for examination and allowance, on or before the twenty-fifth day of January nexl, and that such claims will be hëard before said Court, on Friday, the twenty-fifth day of October, and on Saturday, the twentyflfth day of January next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon of each of said days. Daled, Ann Arbor, July 25, A. D. 1S78. WILLIAM G. DOTY 1098w4 Probate Register. The CIIOWNIÑíTgLOKY Is the only Cooking Stove in the world with the Ittikiug Oven 1 l.nd Rearward, and over the rear extensión a Pomtable Planished (Joppjsk Eeseuvoir. It is munufaclured only by SHERMAN S. JEWETT & CO., lSuffulo and Detroit. None but the genuin articler. have the name "(Jrowning Glory." For sale by one enterprismg dealer in every place. It is the ouly Stove in the world with a Warming Oven under the Firebox, and front doors opening over a detachable shelf iu front. Buy tne only Cooking Stove ever made exactly suitable for the Farmer's use. 1687m6 FURNjTÜRÍ! J. KECK & CO., MANUFACTURERS OP FURNITURE OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS, Are now Offerlng Great Iiiducpineiits 1o Purchasers. BUYERS WILL SAVE MONEY BY BUYING THEIR FUHNITÜRE Direct of tlie Manufacturera Manufaetory, corner of William and West Fourth Streets. Salesrooms, 52 Soutli Main and 4 West Liberty Streets, Ann Arbor, Mich. i665 g .3 oj oíP Sí i 3 Si TT OüSE AND LOT TOE SALE. Locuted in a deairable part of the city, and in good repair. Also a house to rent on favorable tenas. Inquire at the Anauf ofliee, er 22 THOMiSON STEEET. Ann Arbor, Marcli 14, 1878. 1678tf. - 50,000 Letter and Note Heads just recelved at the AKGÜS Office. Now l the time to hand iu your order. [ T)INSEY & SKABÜLT'S BAKERY, GKOCERY -ANDPLOUK &. PU EU STORE We keep constamly on nand, BREAD, CRACKERS, CAKES, ETC FOR WHOLESALE and RKTAIL TEADE. We ahiill also keep a supply of DELHI FL,OTJIfc, J. M. SWIFT & OO'S BEST WHITE WHEA FLOUR, KYE FLOUR, BUCKWWHEAT FLOUK, CORN MKAL, FEED, &c, &c. At Wholesale ana retüil. A general stock of GROCERIES AND PROVISIOÏiS constantly on huud, which will be sold on as rea sonuble terrus uh ut uny other huuHe in tbis city. Cash paid for Butter, Eggs( and Country Trolace eaerally. ViHT Goods deliverca o any part of the city with out extra charge. RINSKY &. SËABOLT, A.nn Arbor, Jan. 1. 1878. 15C4 Hú O tí h lHglm is5i o p JIJ GQ 5 THE GREAÏ ENGLISH 11EMEDY! GRAY'S SPECIFIC MEDICINE TRADE MARK.Is e8pecially Icc. ADEMAR;:. jllk oinnieuded us au fi -- Tlunfallingciirt'for aStÊ, rfBjr'S WfKEMiNAi. JSfÊiïStip ifíi ' - ■ üuu ï'i1' n "t 't' i ) OÍKfl' " i sljJpJff easea that follow &j Before Taking u," After Taking. rt, Univebsal Lassixuiík, Pain in the Back, DimNEas of Vision, Premature Oli Age, and many other d isc ases that lead to Insanity, Conaumption and a Promatnre Gravo, all of which aa a rule are first caused b oeviating from the path of nature and over indulgence. The Speeiflc Medicine ia the result of a lif study and many yeara of experience in treating these apeeial diseaaes. Full particulars in our pamphlets, whieh we desire to aend free by mail to every one. The Specitíc Medicine ia sold by all Druggiata at $1 per packagp, or aix packages tor $5, or will be sent by mail on reoeipt of the money by ddrcasing THK tiBAY MEDICINE CO., 1674 No. 10 Meohanios' Block, Detroit Mich. .-Sold In Ann Arbor by Eberbach & Hon, and 1 by u)l druggists everywhere. Prospectus of the 9tk Volume, 1878-9. THE ALDI1TE! The Art Journal of America. OLD OHLÏ TO SüBSCRIBERS. Complete ín 24 Parts, at 50 Cents Each. 1SSUED MONTHLY. It is the purpose of the ptiblishers to persevere in theireftbrts to keep The Aldinr., asan exponent of Art work, free from competition, and to spare neither thought nor expense to slill furtlier beauty and improve the broad pages of the work. While urging tlie necessity of culüvating a taste for the beautiful in Nature aud Art. The Aldine lias not been unmindlnl of the force of example and ïllustration, therefore it has been a constant Btndy to show, in the pages of the work itself, that nnprovement so certainly conaequeut upon sincere devotion to sueh subjeets. As in the past, so in the future, The Aldine will continue to be an example of the progressive and reftning influences of connection and association with the beautiful aud true. The volume now in preparation, while it will not suddenly depart from the general courae of its predecessora, will yet present many modifications and improvements, the result of study and experience in fitting The Aldine to worthy maintaiu its position aa-"The Art Journal of America." In the more mechanical departmeut of the arrangement or make up, changes, in themselves slight, will largely change the general beauty of the pages, which had already wou admiration so hearty and universal. Editohially, The Aldine will deal broadly and fairlywith Art in general and American Art in particular. Oarefully prepared papers will keep the reader well iofprmed on all Art topics of the important Art centres of this country and Europe the important exhibitions will receive full and' tnnely notice ; and artists whose achievementa have won for them the right, shall be iutroduced and giyen a proper personality by sketches biographicai and critical. It will be the purpose of the Editor to earn for the Critical and Literary Department of The Aldine a recognition in every way worthy of its established and admitted pre-eniinence in Art illustration. The Art Department of this volume will be ncher in representations of American natural sceneiythan any of its predecessors. To aid a popular decisión 011 the claims of rival localities to the title, "The Switzerland of America," our artists areexploring the wonders of those regions of our country whice have more recently been brought in to notice. The Yo Semite and the Yellowstone the Sierras and the Roekies shall be broueht home to the patrons of The Aldine- but not to the exclusión or neglect of our glorious old Alleghanies aud their more familiar surroundings. Experience, aud Capital largely increased by the iberal patronage of an appreciative public has nade possible the introduction of greater system and plan in seleetiog the Art exhibits, so as to cover all desirable ground, enabling an harmouious and judkious coinbination and progression so to speak, through the wide world of Art. Examles by figure, animal and landscape painters of every school- aucient and modern- American or foreign, will appear with all the old refreshing vanety, but with an added advantage of more deïberate arrangement and defined purpose, to intruct and in inform as well as to delight. The publishers have entire confidence that the rabile will continue the evidence of their appreciatiou of these eftbrts to maintain an Art publicaion that shall be characteristic and worthy of the irogress aud liberal tastes of Americans and they nticipate with pleasure the opportunity for a pracical verdict on their past achievements which the ommencemeut of a new volume affords. PLAN OF TUBLI CATIÓN. ThüAldine volumes will, in future, be completed in 24 parte, at 50 ceuts eacli, published monthly aud sold only to subscribors for the complete volume Subscribers will pay on delivery for parts actually received, and no eanvasser or deliverer ia authorized to vary these terms In any way or to make any representations on the faith of the publishers outsideof the regular prospectus. The Aldine will not be BOld by book or newsdealers geuerally. Any person desiring to act as the agent for any articular lucality, should apply promptly, giving lull particularsas to business, refermces, and territory desired. Liberal arrangements will be made with the best partles, THE ALDINE PüBLISHIJVGf 0., JAMES SlTTTON, l'i si 1 1, 18 Vessey St, New York. BSTRAOTS OF TITLES. ' All parties who are desirous of ascertaining the condition of the title to theirjands, orpartiea who wish to loan mo ney on real estáte will do well to cali at the Keginter'8 otüce and consult a Compared Set of Abstract Books. Said books are so far advaneed that the Begiater can furnish oa short notice u Perfect Statement as to the Title of any parcel of and in Washtenaw County as ishown by the original recoids. C. H. MANLY, Regiater. Ücan make money faster at work for us than at anything else. Capital not required ; we will start you. $12 per day at home made by the induatrious. Men, women, boya and girla wantod everywhere to work for us. Now is the time. t'oatly outfit and terins tree. Addresa Tbuk & Co,, Augusta, Maine.


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