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Austrian Art In Steel-bronze Guns

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It is well known that the whole of the Austrian field artillery ie now armee with the new bronze breech-loader of Gen. Von Uchatius. The fact tha nearly L2,000,000 have been spent from firet to last by the Austro-Hungarian Government upon the weapons is proo enough of the confidenoe feit in high quarters as to its efficiency ; and we have the tesfciniony of many experienced offi cers that ior accuracy and enduranoe the gun rivals the much more costly stee canuon of Herr Krupp. Be this as i may, it is reported that the Austrian Governmeut is now about to set to work on tbe manufacture of heavy guns from the same inexpensive material, and to produce ship and siege guns from tem pered bronze. Two six-inch experi mental weapons which have fired severa hundred rounds are reported to be stil in a servieeable condition, and at slior ranges may be considercd armor-piercing guns. A shot at iiity or sixty yards is capable, we are told, of piercing the armor of puch ironclads as the Warrior and Black Prince; and thero is little doubt, thereforo, that ten or twelve inch cannon censtructed on tbe Fame pattern wonld be a match for most of our stouter batile-ships. Tho Austrian gunmakers seem to be able to make bronze as hard as steel, and as capable of refisting the wear and tear of rifled projcQtiles, since it would be altogether itnpbssible to pierco army-plates with a gun made o bronze in the ordinary way. If we are to believe the last reporta of their biggiui experiments, the borO of the weapons, after some 300 rounds, had bustaincd no iujury at all, notwithstmding that comparatively heavy projectil├╝s were fired, and with battering charges of gunpowder. But the most surpiisiug feature absout the Uehutuis gun is the fact of its secret haviug beeu so clostly ktpt. The Austiiin Government has pincel no difficulty iti the way of an iuspection of its guns, and has permitted even the presence of foreigu railitary attaches in the Government workshops. Nay, more; eatnples of the wonderful steel-bronzs metal have been i'reely distribnted, and eheinists have tried their best to discover its mode of prpparatiou by analysi?. All has been in vain. Despite iair means and foul, the secret of the Uchatius metal still remaius n mystery, and bids fair to do so until its inventor divulgas the composition himself. - London News.


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