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A Woman's Conscientiousness

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Perhaps the reader bas noticed while journeyiug upon the Boston and Lowell railroad, at Willow bridge, Somerrille, a plain but substantial neat brick house upon the liill, only a inoment's walk f rom the staüou. lts door has not been opened for twelve years. TweW years ago one of the brightest and smartest mechanics to be found in our 'bustling city - young, handsome, whose only appai ent fortune was his daily wages, of which he was veiy careful, saving nll he could for the one bright object of his life, which was to niarry her whom he had won as soon as they could get ïnoney euough to commence housekeeping - was engaged to a charming young girl. She was conscientious toafault, brought up in the most Putitanieal or Paritan families, good, pure and beautiful. One bright morning in spiing he invited her to take a drive in the suburbs. They halted after an hour's drive in front of this house. He asked her how she liked it. Of course she wished it was theirs; they could be so happy if they ouly had a home like that. He invited her in. The house had just beencompleted, and very nicely furnishea. Jndge of her surprise wnen he quiet'.y informed ber tnat he properiy was bis. that he owned it. Why, she was cornpletely dumbfounded, and, of course, wanted an explanation. How, when did he come ii possession of so much proper y ? He tried to avoid the question, but she was fl'm. He fially told her that he drew $20,000 in some lotteiy scheme, and with its funds built and furnished this home for her. She tuined upon bina as though he were tbe veriest gambler, vowing then ard there that she would never be bis wife until be gave back the property wbioh he had gP'Led by what she termedunlawfulmeans. Shescorned all eflorta of his to occupy tbe house. They separated ; parted at the door, which bas not been opened since. The fivr 'tjre rema' is the spme to-day as when they left it twelve years ago, except what age has done. JJoth are wanderers upon the face of the earth, both lives blasted. - HaverMl {Maas.) Gazette.


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