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A Child's Logic

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"Dad," said a hopeful sprig, "how many fowls are there on the table ?" "Why," said the old gentleman, as he look├Ęd complacently on a pair of fine roasted chickens that were smoking on the dineer table, " why, my son, there are two." "Two!" replied young smartness. " There are three, sir, and 111 prove it." "Three !" replied the old gentleman, who was a plain matter-of-fact man, and understood things as he saw them, " I'd like to have you prove that." " Easily done, sir, easily done ! Ain't that one '?" laying his knife on the first. " Yes, that's certain," said dad. "Ain't that two?" pointing to the second, " and don't one and two make three ?" "Beally," said the father, tnrning to the lady, who was in amazement at the immense learning of her son, " really, wife, this boy is a genius, and deserves to be encouraged for it. Here, old lady, you take one fowl, and I'll take the second, and John shall have the third I" Tot training of carrier-pigeons is still energetically pursued in Belgium, and during the latter part of May some 3,080 baskets of pigeons, containing in all 123,44o birds, crossed the FraneoBelgian frontier, so that the pigeons might learn their way home from French territory.


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