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Slave-breeding Bishops

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The editor of tlio Western Clnisüan Advocate, in reviewing tito proceedinys oí the General Conference of iho Methodist Episcopal Church Soutli. hits iho tollowTng langungo : 'The action of tlie Suiuhcrn General Conference in selecting Drb. Capers niid Puine for the episcophdy, sppjlis in favor of plncing. in the luist mtluc-nual posiiiün in tlie cliurcli, Blavcholiiors on ilie largist scale. Dr. Paine, we leurn. h;is sevcniy-nve s!uvt:s; bnd in order lo altend to hid piunting intcrests, (as lic woulrica'l overseeiing serv;mts;) it is snid ho rccently resigncd lnjj oflico iis l'resident of La Grange College, in Alabimu. Dr. Ctipers is a large sluvti holder. Here the Soutlieru Churth hos nuw iIiko slaveholning bisho!s, taáUing amoug the first clasi uf tlavcholilers in Georgia, South Carolina, and Alab.una. Tliis ainctifies Slavery, of course. It ia oow i-ertiiinly ahuhj tliing. Slaveholding nnd sluvf.breeiling are now saneiioncd by the iliree hiiitsl mrti in t'.e South. Thuy are not, it is truc. uuch pcltij slarc-brttdirs, us the l'tttlc brteders of Virginia, oud the more Norihein slave Otates, who jusihave a lew select, cd breeders. The iiew bislips huve wliole families whieli mercase without any tudied plnr)of slavogrowiug. Yet slacc-brccdcrs ihese bisliops are, unless tlicy will set The jrüitng projriny iroe : and thia is not likuly, bncuuse brother Crowder QffjjCtïonoily UtugUi us all publicly, nt Cinciunuti, in 1636, iliai fuinnle fiaves of Soutlieru Mciliüdiot prtochcis ara beircr cloTAè'd ilisn ihe ives of Norihcni Molhudisi preacljcrs." -