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The Harbor Bill Vetoed

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Il was stated in letters received yesterdny, that the Marbor nnd Rivet1 Bill had been vetoed bv the President. It is undoubtedly so. The reason assigned is t!:e heavy drainage upon the Tïeasury, consequent upon u state of war. - Buf. Pilot. (D"Wc havo received a copy of the new edition of Spooner'e woik on ilio "L'iiconstitutionulity ofSIavery." It is now ofii'rcd in n mailable form, nt 55 cents. Pages 132. Publisbed by Be!n Mirüh, V5 Cornhill, Boston. Tliia work is very able, and will provo valuable to o certain eines of miiirls. Bi.t tho great mass of the Lih ert party havo no need to entor into abstrusc inquirios on tho (ueotion whcihcr the Constitulion can or cannot bó tortnred into a support of slavcry. We go with Gov. Scwnrd. fornbolisliing Sluvory Uy the cxejciso of all the povvers of the Con.siiiution: wo bcliivo tliose powers are ampie: and hauld lilis provo not to bc the fact. with hirn wc wuuld go for the cnlargcmcnt of ihose pjweis. When llie people get roady to rmove the curse of slcvery, tbcy will tiot enijuiro veiy long into tiie opinions. nitions or o.pectmions ol the wordiy o!d TafJiionod gentlemen who formcd it. Tliey uill take the matter into their cwn hands, and wben they have ilio will we mny be a.-6ui.d they wfll have aio.iy. OlPThe July nuinber of the Phrcnological Journ i! has come to hand. O. S. fowbr, Editor - pnce $1,00 n ycar. The Journal is viiluable to all atudenta of llie Mind. .No ono who dcsires to undcr8tand and rend human character. nnd to keep pace with the intellrctual progrese ofihoage. can poruBu a singlo numborof it without plotit.