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ITIaine. - J. W. Bradbury has been electcd U. S. Senator for six years from March next. The Liberty party havo nominated Gen. Fessenden as candidate for Governor. % The Bath (Me.) Inquirer statestlVat on the 27th uit., the wife of John Marr, of Pittsburg, in that state, was delivered of six children, two of them living and the other four dead. The móther and living children are said to be "doing well." IV e w Hampsliïrc- -A law has passed intended to secure_ to married woman their rightsin property, real and personal, whieh they have in their own right; protecting them from the debts of their husbands. The property of the wife is held ünble for her own debts contracted before or after marriage. It also granta to feir.alos the right of disposing of their own property. The Legislaturchas passed an act entitled "An Act for the furtbëV proiection of personal Liberty." Scction I, provides that no Judge of any Court of Record, or Justice of the Peace, shall hereafter take cognisance of fugltive slave cases, or graiit certificates for the removal by their claimants, of alledged fugitivos from slavery.Section II, forbids any sheriff, deputy sheriff, coroner, constable, jailor, or other oincer of the state, or citizen thereof, not holding a commission from the Government oí' the United States, arresting or dctaining or aiding the arrest or detention of any allcdged fugitive slave, Section III, provides the penalty for a violation of the preceding sections - a fine not exceeding .$1000, nor less than $500, or irnprisonment in the County jail not more than twelve nor less than six months, according to the discretion of Court. This is a good law, and its passage is highly honorable to New Hampshire. A Resolution wasalso adopted, by the Legislaturc, requcsting the Senators and Representatives from the State in the Congress of the United States, to urgethe passage of measures providing for the extinction of slavery in the District of Colümbia, and its exclusión f rom Oregon and other Territories, that now, or any time hereafter, may belong to the United States - for all constituüonal measures for the suppression of tho domestic Slave Trado ; and to resist the admiesion of any new state into the Union while tolerating slavcry. - The Governor was requested by an additional resolution, to furnish copies of the forogoing to the Legislatures of the several States and to the Senators and Represontatives of the stcito in Congress, Massachusetts. - The fire in Nantucket on Monday, July 13, consumed the whole business part of the town, and dcstroyed propcrty to the amount of nearly a million of dollars, on which there Wiis but little No li#s were lost, but some were severely injured in blowing up buildings to stop the fire. - The Selectmen have issued an appeal to tho public, in which they state that many of the sufferers are extreniely destitute, and cali for the bounty of those who are willing to give. The loss sustained by the citizens by the fire is officially announced at $875,891, of which $310,155 wascovered by insurance ; leaving a dead loss of $5G5,73G. The British Mail Steamers havo in punctuality and safety far exceeded the anticipations of every one. Since 1840, to the close of the last year, these five steamers have made 110 voy ages, the average length being but 13 3-4 days.- They have carried 6,34C passengers from Liverpool to Boston, 4625 from Boston to Liverpool. Profitable and successful. From a book óf statistics. recently pub