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A uEtiGiON op Ceremonies. - There is scarcely an hour in the day (says : Thompson, in his Recollcctions oí Mexico.) wlien the bells are not heard in the streets, anuouncing that some pnestison ( his vvay to administer the sacrament to some one sick or dying. The priest is ' seated-in a coach, drawn by tvo mules íbllowed by ten or a dozen friars, with : gold wax candles, chanting as they go. - The coach is preceded by a man who rings a small bell to announce the ( proach of the Host ; when every one i who happens to be in the street is ' ed to uncover bimself and kneel, and the inrnates of all the houses on the street do the same thing. Nothing is more common tlrnn to hear, whenever they hear the bel!, "Dios viene, Dios viene," - God is coming, God io coming ;, whatever they may be doing, they instnntly fallón their knees. What I have described is the visit of the Host to some common person. The procession is more or less numerous, and the person in the coach of more or lesa dignity, from an humble priest to the archbishop of Mexico, according to the dignity and station of the person visited. Sometimes the procession is aucompanied by a large band of muoic. The visit of the Host to the Señora Santa Anna, of which I have heretofore spoken, was attended by a procession of twenty thousand people, headed by the archbishop. Until very recently, every one was required to kneel, and a very few years since an American shoemaker was murderod in his shop for rcfusing to do it. But now they are satisfiedif you pull offyour hatand stop until the Host passes. A DiiEJDruL Deatii. - A late English paper says thnt n few weeks ngo, Matthew Furgusun, keeper of ilie menagerie and museum of the Stan Iim. Bolton, was found n tlio den of 'he male Icopnrd. quite dead, and dreadluüy manglod. - He had a whip m his lnn!, and it is supposcd he lnd ventured iiuo the den, for th purpoae ol training the animal a la Van Amburgh. Pi.UQistTES of Office. - -Among the nrticles for wh;ch the Clerk of the House of Representativos has 8sued proposals to supply the metnbers o.' thni honorable body at its next session, are 'BUO Englis'i pen knives, four blades, best pearl, stng or buck handles.' and 240 wiih two blades. of the same qunliiy - mnking 1040 pen knivaa; !"or the uso of 229 genilumen for the period of ihrce montli9 - four npieco, nnd a émall surplus we supposo for the cleiks and door keepers - Dispatdt. The Tompernnce plodge Intely dosignated n !ar room as a slQiightcrhou9e. Mow oddl He might as well cali the keepor of such a place, u butchrr. - Prnv. Her. So he should, for he '"aint nothing elso." Korfolk Dcmocrat. m Tuk Qükstion. - A very pious Presbyterian divine used always tosay, when ho met the General Assembly of his Church, "Now, my dear brethren, how near can we come to doing what is right, and keep together ?" A poor editor may as well say every day when he sits down to his task - " Now, dear skin nnd bones, how inuch truth can wo say and live ?" - Chronoypc. Dancing.- The Churches aro making dancing a subject of discipline, declaring it to be iutolerably immoral. IIow dare thoy do ït ? Isn't dancing as much a Bible Institidion ns Slavery ? Didn't David dance ? Does the New Testament for bid it ? A woman in Berlin, Prussia, aged 103, lately married n youth of 70 ! The bride } had ooe son, a lad of 80.During ihe last hundred yeora the iron mines of Grcat Biiiaiu haveyielded ihiis: T.ii8. Furnnce;. 1740 17,000 56 1788 ;-,oí)o es 1827 693,000 284 1839 650,000 360 1845 1,050,000 550 "Excuse liaste and a bad pen," as the porker snid whcn lic precipitaiely fled (rom his uncomfonal. le quurters. Dancikg Lj'g. - It is s'.nied in nn excittinge pnper,thta Mr. Piilmcr, of N. H., minufactuie legs, wliicli possess all tlic elasticity anti fieedum which bolonij to the natural Iniib. Liberty is to the collective body, wliat hcaltl is lo ovory uidividiul body. Without hcalth. no pleasure can bc tastcd by innn - without libereriy. no hoppincss cun be enjoyed by society. A lad in Fayctte Co., Tcnnessee, recently dicd fröm theetin? of a Locust. A lndy in Unioniown Pa., was sttiuy, but recoveiod afier niuch sufTeri"g. Thu Tribune reporta sixtecn dcaths in New York city from exceasive bent. Several rtnntliji in ihe harvfst field have occurred in di{Rireni puts of our etato. 'I must confcsB that it does not look to nië like polilical equoüty, to sec Texns, with her 9J0Ö votes, have two Representatives in Conpiess. vrhüe ihe county of Monroc in the State ot New York, wfth her 13,000 votes, ba only one. Still less does it look like equality. to see 9000 votes cxerciding equal power in the U. S. Señale, with ihn 500,000 vo'oa of the Empire State. -Speech of E. li. Holmes, of N. Y. 'Wmï ro nations ou to wvr?' - Dr. Franklin answered this question m a single senience. - "The ioolish part of mankind" fays the docto "will mnke wars from time to time wiih ench nher, not having srnae enough to seitle their difference." At a Concert givenby the Hutchinson faniily. in Manchester. England, they had an audienco. of about 3500. They were to sing at Liverpool on ihe lStït u'u.the availd of tfiiiuti were tobe g?vc:i or chnritibln puiposes.