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The Best Cow In Peril

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Old farmer B ig a stingy man, He keeps all he gete and getu all he can. By all hia friends he is said to be A.8 tight as ihe bark on a young birch tree. He croes to clinrch and he rents a pew, But the dimos ho gives to the Lord are few. If he gein to hpaven with the good and grcat, He wüí be let in at the smalleet gatc. Now farmer B, beeides draga and plows, Keeps a number ef fino calves and cows. He makes no btitter, bnt senda by expreso The milk to the city's thiretiness. M Wbat do the city folks know abont milk t They are botter judges of cloth andsilk. Not a man who buys, I vow, can teil If I water it not or water it well- If they do not know then where'e the sin, t'li pi;t the sparkling water in." Thns talked to himself old famer B, How mean he is, young and old can see. One night it was dart, oh, fearfully dark - The watch dog never came out to bark - Oíd farmer B, in his bed did snore, When rap, rap, rap nearly shattered the door, Aud a voice cried out, in a hapty breath, "Tour beat eow, nMghbor, is choking to dcath !' Clippijig off the end of a roueiug snoro, Farmer Bbounded out on the bedroom floor, And the midnieht voice was heard no more. He pulled on bis pants lie knew not how, Por bis thoughts were all on the choking cow ; He flew to the yard like a frightened deer, For his etiftgy soul was flUed with fear ; Looking areiind by his lantern's light, He found that the cows werfi there all right. " I will give a dime," oried farmer B, " To know who played that trick on me. May the hand be stiff and the knuckle sore That knocked to-night on my farm-house door.' And now a scowl on his face and a ebaking-head, Farmer Iï agairt sought his nice warm bed. No good thoughts came - they were o'erpowered- The little good nature he had had soured. When be went to water his milk nest day, The midnight voice seemed again to say, Ab he pumped away with panting breath, " Your best cow, neighbor, is choking to death V' The mpaaiug of thiB he eoon found out, For a stone was driven in the old pump's spout. Old farmer B, when he drives in town, Now meets his neighbors with a savage frown. TliP.y sniile, and a?k, as they kindly bow, " How getteth along the best cow now t"


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