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The way out of uur iiiiiincial difficultios Hes not through a poor currenoy. It is not the quuntity, but the quality of tho representativo curroncy of the country that gives it valué. No natiou or poople ever acquired wealth by borrowing money. Greenbacks aro only so many evidences of the nation's debt, whicli the people wil! soonor or later hivti to pay or repudíate. If tho volume ia iucreased and piiytneut denied, that will be repudiation md thoy will become worthless. Whut shall be substituted thon for a represontative currencyij Do the laboring men of the country want to be paid in a worthless, depreciated currency 'i Is fivo dollars a day in a worthless cuirenny better than one dollar a day in a curreucy that has twice the purchasing power of the five dollars' Six dollars in greenbacks today have just as great a purchasing power as had seveuteen dollars and ton cents on tho llth day of July, 1864. On that day six dollars in gold had just as great purchasing power as had seventeen dollars in greeubaeks. One dollar in gold would purchase two dollars and eighty-five cents in grecubacks, and six dollars would purchaso seventeen dollars and ten oents. W'hon you had seventeen dollars and ten cents in your pocket then you had no inore real valué than you have to-day when you have six dollars. - Elmira Kree Press. It is only two years since Gen. Grant left thePresidency after having given the country at least four years of uuparalleled corruption and disregard of law. His faults as a civil ruler were so glaring that ho had in 1870 neither a defender nor an apologist who daiod to opeu his mouth. But at this moment " the guilty men " who figured most prominently in his regime have emergod f rom their hiding places and are autually clainoring for anothor term for hira, and shrewd observers begin to say that, in spite of all our sorrowful exporince of the past and our anxiety about the future, we run a good deal of risk of soeiug hitu uominated in 1880 on the " hurrah " systeiu ; that is, offered as a candidate to the party of moral ideas with loud yells, after a blatherskite speech froui some " Bob " Ingersoll, put up by the swarm of jobbers, defaulters, and wire-pullers who rocall with uiaudliu tears the good olddays when h rascal was never so safe in the public service hs whan he was " umler fire " - that is, when the proofs of his villainy were being arranged and published. - S. Y. Nailon. If a four per cuuttim governineut bond sella at par now because it. is non-taxable, what would it 8ell for if it was taxod Hay a quarter of one per cent a year? This would reduce tho rute of interest to three and three-quarteis per centum, and if the bond were sold at all it would have to be sold, say, at ninety-four cents on the dollar. Now will soine of our labor agitators who are rantiug about taxation of governniBiit bouds teil us what earthly differunce it makes to the people whether thöy take this six per centum differenoe by yearly taxation from the bondholdors or tako it in a lump in the shape of an increased price for the bonds? Exttctly the samo law holds in respect to the bonds purchased ten years go, but whether it holds or not, those bonds are now funding ro rapidly that tho most critical of agitators will scarcely iind a peg on which to hang an argument of taxatiou. - X. }'. Hueiúng PostLet it not be lost sight of for a moment that the reülly important battle is in the Congressional districis. The Republicans are straining every nerve to secure control of the House of Representatives. The Senate is lost to them irretriovably, and they bave no longer any hope of carrying the Presiden . tial eltction save by first cirrying the I House. A Democratie House inemis full i Democratie control in 1881, and au opportunity for fully carrying out those reforms which even a RiipubiiCan Seuate was not able wholly to prevent. A Republican House limans an atteuipt to reinaugúrate the extravagance aud oorruption which huve marked the history of that party from the beginning. -Detroit Fret Press. A good aud suggestive joke was recently played on Stark couuty Greenbacker at a country hotel. After orderiog Kupper the tiuaucier began a httle discourse on the advttntages of " fiat niouey " for the benefit oí the farmers loitering in the bar room. When he cauie to seat hiniself for the eveuing meal there was nothing upun the table but a napkin aud a plat. In some surprise he turned the latter over, and found beneath it a slip or p;iper bearing this inscription: " This is one supper." In high dudgeou hn demanded of the landlord an explanation. " Why," said the latter person dryly " that's a fiat suppar." - Oimton liepvxitory. Precisely at what point does it become a crime to leud monoy to a man who needs it'f Kobody will say that it is a crime to take security if one lends at all. Either it is the lending that oonstitutes tho vilo offenee and inakes a man a " lecherous bondholder," or it is the asking for payment when the money is due. If it is wicked to ask for payment, and enlightened universal suffrage so determines', we can safoly assure Gen. Butler that not a single potson will thereaftur be guilty of the crime of lending. Men who have anything will quietly retire to sonio monareby where tho chief end of the law is not to rob. - N. Y. Public. Suppose the national milleniuut of " unlimited issue " gets in, how is it going to " make times better ■ " How are you going to get tho "unlimited issue" unleBa you work for it or buy it with some equivalent 'r If it is to be worth auything, the goveminent will not give it to you. And if it ia to be worth uothing it wouldn't do you good if you had uiillions of it. Tako 0 from and 0 remains. If you want money you will have to work for it. - Findlay Jejftrsoniiui. In God's name propose eomething, Kearney, and give up this foul and fetid blatherskite about the " lecherous bondholdcrs " aud " the slimy imps of heil" who publish nowspapers. Have you auythiug to suy, man, that is worth saying ? The country will listen to you. Do you really represeut tho working mou, or, usiug tho nanie of tho workingïncii, havo you simply come to Massachu8etts as the hired stump orator of Gen. Butler.


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