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The Public And Pullman Hotel Cars

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Kead the íolowing, aud you wiil ttieu bü better able to apprtciate the fact that the Chicago $; North-Western Kailway is the leadinj; line betweeu Chicago and Council Cluffs ; that it eau give you moie vaiue for your inoney than any other line ; that it, 111 the use of these legant hotel cara, has taken a long stride ahead, aud that if you wiah the very vest acuommodations, you must buy your ticket over this road. The following was written to a i'rieud, by one of the best kaown, couscientious, and most traveled ot railroad mea : "My Dear Sie : - 1 have been unavoidably detained, smee my returu, in reportiug to you, as promised, my experisnee and verdict as tu thu Pullman Hotel (Jars oa the Western road. " We,- Mrs. D. and myself- have but a short story to teil about the one we were in, aud that is that it was the most bnjoyable trip we ever made betweeu Chicago and home. We were veiy agreeably surprised on mauy accounts. First, the car is so elegaut, and rides so perfectly ; theu the meal3 ara served with uo much neatuess ; the table linen is changed every time, and the car kept in order. There were several children on the car. Sometimes it may be worse, and many times better, in this respect ïhere 13 something pertectly luxurinua, or rather it is a luxury, to glide along through a beautitul country, over a perfect track, and seated by yourselves' at an elegaut table, with your Jood choicely cooked aud served with that neatness you seldom iiud away iroui home. The cooklug and serving is all that could be desired. "Xow as to the cost : When I went Eiit, in July, alone, my bilis for meals were rather high ; but for two of us they were actually less than at ordinary eating houses. "For dinner we had a whole prairie chicken, with vaaetables, coffee aud dessert,and bread- two kinds- and butter throvrn in. Cost, tl. 50 (or 76 cents each). I think some more vegetables were served than we ordered. "We geuerally eat a hght supper. Our dinner was rather late ; for Bupper we hitd two plates raw oysters - all we wished ; cost, 10 cents each. Breakfast was a Capital one, and is our favorito meal. We had a porterhouse steak, cooked to porfection, an omelette, potatoes for two, coffee for two, hot corn bread for two, besides the bread on the table ; cost, f 1.45 (or 75 cents each). Total for the trip, $3 75 (or 62 1-2 cents per meal.) "In my judgment, when there are two or more in a party it will not in any case exceed 75 cents par meal, and generally will cost less ; and the cookiug and service are the best I ever saw on a rail. "I am coufident these cars will prove a great success, and be very popular. The conductor -Mr. Taber, I believe- we fouud gentlemanly and unobtrusive, Next time we will try it agaiu." Yours truly, No man is better entitled to speak oí fhe ments or demerits of these cara than the wnter of the above. He has traveled for years, aud has tried all the leadiug linea 111 the country. In these Hotel Cars the meals are q la carie -you pay for what you get, and nothiug more ; and this at very reasonable rates. Tho managers oí the Company havo determined to omit nothing which will add to the couvemence, eafety and comfort of the traveling public who iavor them with their patronage; aud further, that they will not be eclipsed in thi direction by any other railroad in the worlit. Heneo these cars, constructed by the Pullman Palane Uar Company especiully for tho Pioneer liue, are the finest ever built. It is uot exaggeration to aay that no road in tho world can produce the equal to these maanilicent cars, aud as tho average traveler wants the best of evtrything that can be liad, he must of nece6sity use this liue ia bis transcontinental trij-, The charges for berths in these Hotel Cars are the same (and no hiher) as are made 111 tho more common Sleepiug Car, so that the traveler using one of these palatial hotels is giveu much more worth for his mönay than he eau get on auy other line. - .f..


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