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A Death Grappie With A Panther

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ïjaei weeK a numer namea uacoo j;arquarson, while passing through the forest between White Fish lake and Black Trout lake, near the headwators of the Madawaeka river, encoTintered a puma, or Amorican pauther. Whiie looking at the rcrnains of a large upland cariboo he heard a uoise at sorue distance off among the tree-tops. Shortly after the sounds were repeated, and on looking up he saw a large animal ieapir.g from tree to tree toward the spot were he stood. He was armed with a Ballard rille, and as soon as the beast came ncar enough hc fired. The brute pprnug from the tree directly athim. In the meautime the hunter had rapidly reloaded, and, having jamped aside and behind a large pine before the infuriated animal could re cover ior a second spring, ho gave it an other bullet. Both shots had taken ef fect, as it was afterward discovered, bw neither in a vital part. After the second shot the puma turned and dartec with a roar at the hunter, who drew a long keen-edged hunting knife, ant with his back against a tree awaited his cnemy. The enraged animal sprung a! him and fastened its long, curved claws into his shoulder. He drove the knife repentedly to the hilt into its breast. Both carae to the ground together, bui the struggle did not last long, for the huge animal, weakened from tho loss o: blool from the bullots and knife of Farquaraon, soon turned over dead. The animal, which is rare in Canada now, was one of the largest size, measuring 9 f eet from the nose to the extremity o] the teil. - Ottawa (Can.) Free Press. A commonplacb practice with people who canuot swim is to wade out uutil the water reaehes the waist, stand still, anc from time to time immerse the body as f. ir as the shoulders, allowing the head to remain dry. A more injurious methocl of bathing can scarcely be imagined.


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