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To Labor Is To Pray

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Pause not to dreain of the future before us ; Pause not to weep the wild cares that come o'er us Hark how Creation's deep musical chorus, Unintomiitting, goes up into heaven ! Never the ocean wave falters in flowing ; Never the little seed stops in its growiog ; More and more richly the rose-heart ket-ps glowing, Till from ita nourishing stem it is riven. " Labor is worship !" íhe robín íb einging ; " Labor is worship !" the wild bee is ringing ; Listen ! ttiat eloquent whisper, upspringing, bpeake to thy soul froni out nature's great heart. Froni the dark cloud flows the life-giving shower ; Froin the rough sod blows the soft-breathing flower ; From the small insect, the rich coral bower ; Only man, in the plan, shrinks from hie part. Labor is life ! 'tis the utill water faileth ; ïdloness ever despaireth, bewaileth ; Keep the watch wound or the dark rust assaüeth ; Flowers droop and die in the stillness of noon. Labor is glory ! - the flying cloud üghtens ; Only the waving wing changes and brightens ; Idle hearts only the dark future f rightens ; Play ihe sweet keys, wouldnt thou keep theni in tune ! Labor is rest - from the sorrows that greet us ; Rest from all pftty vexations that meet us ; Keet from sin-p romptin gB that ever entreat us; Rest from world-elrens that lure us to ill. Work - and pure slumb3ra ehall wait on thy pillow Work - thou shalt ride o'er care'd coming billow ; Lie not down 'neath woe's weeping willow ; Work with a stout heart and resolute will I Labor is health ! Lo, the husbandnian reaping, How through his veins goes the life-current leapïng! How his strong arni in its stalwart pride sweeping, True as a sunbeam the swift sickle guides. Labor is vt?alth ! In the sea the pi arl groweth ; Rich the Queen's robe froDi the cocoon fioweth ; From tbe fine acorn the strong forest bloweth ; Temple and statue the marbie block hides. Droop not ! though ehame, sin and anguish are round thee ! Bravely flirg off the cold chain that hath bound . thee ! Look to the pure heaven smiling beyond thee ! Rest not content in tby darknese - a clod ! Work for scme good, be it ever so slowly ! Dherish some flower, be it ever eo lowly ! Labor !- all labor is noble and holy ; Let thy great deed be thy prayer to ihy God.


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