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Keeping Things Lively

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Two women caught sight of each other in one of our dry-goods stores the other day, and, rushing forward simultaneously with outspread arms, nearly ciislocated one another's noses in trying to find each otner's moutlis. "Why, la! bless you, Mrs. Hixley, I'm so glad to see you," said one, with a quick, nervous voioe, as she feil back a liftte after the sorimmage, and furled her features into a look of satisñed joy, warm enough to soften ice. "You're looking so splendidly well, too; it's a wonder I knew you. I wouldn't, thougli, I don't think, if you hadn't smiled flrst. But, dear me, what a dreadful long time it's been sinoe I saw you - it seema an age. You live in Middletown yet, I nuppose?" " Oh mercy, no - we left three months ago and moved to Hamilton." "You don't say?" "Yes - but you ? I was remarking to Hix the other day that l'd lost all track of you." " We're in Lawrenceburg now, and I do so wish you could come and see us. I've got so much to teil you. You wouldn't believe how times have changed with us. Got a nice Lome now and everything nice - three bedrooms up atairs, large. hall. elegant parlor, lovely sitting room, splendid dining-room, pantry and kuchen, big yard and garden and the sweetest lot of plants you ever saw - and d'ye think ? Alex has really got to like fkwers - aDyhow he don't upset 'em any more and growl all the time about their always being in the way." "ButLouise?" "What! hadn't you heard it ? "We sent you a paper with the notice. Why, she's been married six months nearly. " " Yo don'ii teil me ! But how did she do ?" " Splendid ! A widower with a farm and three children, and a church member, too. He's not so much for looks, but he'g an awful good man, and stands high in the neighborhood. She couldn't 'a done bettar." "That is nice; but is he good to her ?" " Oh, yes - too good, I teil him sometimes. But they do get along the nicest kind - as happy as laiks all the time. It almost brings the tears to hear her cali him an old fooi and a bald-headed idiot as soon as he steps into the house. She always was so lively, you know." "What! Do they quarrel a'ready ?" inquired the Middletown lady, with a pained look of anxiety. " Why, no - certainly not, never - you couldn't hire 'em to." "But you said she called him horrid names, and threw up bis looks." " Oh, yes, of course, and she may even spank the children right bef ore his eyes, and teil them they are a pack of good-for-nothing thiek-headed little beggars; but then it's only her way, you know, aiid she don't mean anything by it. of course. It's only a way she has of being cheerful and keeping things 'livened up around the house. 1 teil you, Louisa ain't going to let the dust settle around her much, no matter where she is. -


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