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He Remembered One Thing, At Least

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A fair story from one of the Canadian courts is told by the Toronto Globe. As it runs, one of those sharp and sarcastie lawyers, who take unspeakable pride in twisting a witness into a labyrinth of difficuïties, had occasion to cross-examine a gentleman of some little prominence. The sharp lawyer managed, after skillful manenvering, so to confuse the witness that the only answer he could obtain to his question was, "I don't recollect. " When the lawyer had this answer returned to him, a score or so of times his patience gave out. "Teil me, Mr.," he exclaimed, "do yon ever remember anything ?" "I do," was the response. "Can you carry yonr memory back for twenty years, and teil me a single incident that happened then?" "Yes, 1 think I can," returned the witness who had regained some c imposure. "Ah I" exclaimed the lawyer, gleefully rubbing his hands in orthodox legal ïaehion, " now, that is consoling. Come now, sir, what is this instance which you remember so well?" " Well, sir, I remember that twenty years ago, when you were to be admitted to the bar, your father carne tó me to boirow $30 to buy you a suit that you might make a respectable appearance. and I have a distinct recollection that your father never paid the $30 back to me." Confusión changed hands at this point in the proceedings, and tlie lawyer dismissed the witness witliout any more ado.


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