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To dream of having a great number of servants ia - madiiesB. To dream of a bear forotokena miachief, which your visión ahows you ís a bruin. When afashionableyoung ladydreams of a fllbert, it ia a eign tliat her thoughts are running upen a Colonel. To dream tbat yonr nose ia red at the tip is an iatimation that you had better leave off brandy and water. To dream of a millstone about your neck ís a sign of what you may expect ii you ïnarry an extravagant wife. If you dream of eiothesit is a warning not to go to law; for, by the rule of contraríes, you will be sure of a nonsuit. To dream of a fire is a sign that if you are wise you will see that all the lights in your house are out before you go to bed. It is very lucky to dream that you pay for a thing twioe over, since afterward you will probably take care to havo all your bilis receipted. For a person in uuembarrassed ciraíimetances to .dream that hé is arrested is vevy fortúnate, for it ia a warning to hini on no account to accept a bilí. In Cincinnati oak blocks have been aubstituted for pine in laying wooden pavements. They are laid upon beds of clean gravel,


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