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OOKS! BOOKSÜ m liPP At Ferry's Bok Slorc. TO THE PUBLIC [HE uiuifrsi'inetl having retnrned froni New York with a new, lat ge and valuablc stock l oks, Slationery and Paper Ilangings, ov u:;i!y to pul! lor Cush, iiny thing m bis p, nt Ma nrw liañd un Muin sireet, bppo"H. Becker'e Brick Store. Ho will tay i k puirchasers. that, by his ffrts last l'ull on _ rc'uiu trom New York. the prici; of nearly v rv limit: in his :ie lins Uon soM ] Iets ihan etuforc. mul had it nol böëh Ier lum, pufchai would have conimucd to pay the pricedheve:e chnrgwl. , le can say also. tliat his sales have been ! id his most sanguino expuctations. showm u ïciusively that n public benefactor, njthvugb '■' ;r so siniill, will no; go unrewurdcd in 3 hieited comniciiity. i.i thnnUful f'r the fnvors alrendy bestowed. ' il would respect fully s.'licit a uoniiiiunnce ot ibe c do: und lic svould sa t.i ihose who nevar bayo ichascii liooks of him, iliat he will show them ;' jeles and prices wiih plefiSf-S a' nn' Ul' ' v mny cjII whether ihey wisli to purcli.isc 01 ' Cah oidr'is Oom the couniry Will be nttëinled " , nnd the bookn packcd ns wcll ns if tho s ds wfi-c pri'seiu to attend the purcitasea. I ' 11 also huil to na cheap a their pant% l'urohasers will do wcll to examine lus Etock (1 niecs beförë purcliasini; clsewherc. Dot' forget the place; hr, sure yoit cali ! PERKY'S BOOK STORE, on Main treet, a few doors Sotith of the Public quare, in the same room with C. Bliss, Vatch Maker and Jeioellcr. VM. Il PERRY. Ann Albor, June 27. !Ö!C. 869-tf riIKESkÍM Ifl ACHÍN E S. 1"UE undóretfnèd would inlorm the public that he inanulactures Hort-e Powers a.ul hreshin .Machines al Scio, ol u superior kitul ivemed by liimselt'. Thes3 Powers and ISIaehines are particularly lapted lo the uso ol' l'arniers who wish to use lem lor threshing their uwn grnin. The powr, threshernüd fixtures enn all be loaded into n irnmon sized wagon box and drawn with one air of horses. Tbey ai e designed to be used 'iüi four horses. and uro abmidantly strong foi mi nuinbsr, and may bc safely used witli six ot glu norses with proper care. Tiiey work with ssstrength ot'horses aeeording to the anioinn ol usiness done than any other power, nnd wili iresh gencrally aboiu ÜOO bushels heat per ay wiili four hones. In one instanco 158 uehela wheat wcro threshed in linee hours ith lour horses. This Power and Machine coniain all the ndantogea necessary to niake thein proliiable to hu purch.iser. They ure strong nnd - rhcy nre easüy moved fiom one place to anoth■r. 'J'lie work of the 'loises is eilsy on ihfsi' iowci 6 in con.parison to o'hers, and the price i jOVVKIi ihan any other power and macliine, ïavc ever been old in tho State, acuording to iho eal value. The term6 of payinent will be libeal fat notes that are known lo bc absolutel} ;ood. I have a number of Powers and MncbhiÈs iow ready for sale and pursons wiáhing to buj iré invited to cali soon. CLEAN ERS. I expect to be prepared wi:h:n a fow days to mnke Cleaners for those who mny want theii'. The utility and advantages of ihis Power nnd Machine will appear evident to all on o.aniininy ?ho iccomtneiidations bolow. All persons are cnütionod ngainst nwikinu these Powers and Machims: iho undersigneci having adopted the necessary nioafiires lor secu ring letters patent ior the same wuliin the urne requiied by law. S. W. FOSTKR. Scio, Washtenaw Co., Mich.. ld, 1340 R.ECO.MMENDATIONS. During the year Ir45, cach of ;he undersignct! purchased and used either individually or jointly with others. one of S. VV. Foster's ncwiy in verted llorse Powers and threshing tuachincs. nnd believc they are botter ndnpicd to the uso of Farmers who want Powoi3 nnd Machines for their owii use than any other power nnd ihres-her withTii nút knowlédgoi Tiiey are calculatcd io bc used With fouríi.usji nnd are of ampie strcngih (or that number. Tlu-y oppear to bc constructed in such a manner as to rendcr ibern very durable with linie liabiliiy of getiiny out ol order. 7 hey are eisily moved from one piuce lo another. They cun be woiked wiib nny inunbcr of hands from iour to cight, nr,d will thres'.i aboi't 200 bussels whent per day. .1. A. POUIEMUS, Scio. VVashonaw co G. ELOOD. T. RICHAPvDSON, " " SAMUF.L MKALY, " " .=!. P. FO3TFJI, '■ i; N. A. PÍ1F.LPS, " " ADAM SAI!T!I, " " J. Mi BOWRN. Limn, " VM. WALKER, Webster, " THOS WARREN, " " 1). SMALLEY, Lo.ii. " I threshed Inst fiill and winter one of S W. Foler'8 horso powers. moro than fifteei housand bushels rain. The repairs bestowei upon tde power aniounted to only (! cents. nn il waa in good oider when I had done threshing 1 invariably used six hnrses. A A RON YOUNGL0VE. Marión, June G, 1846. I purchased one of S. W. Foster' hors powers last fail nnd have used it for jobbing. have used mony different kinds of pywers am belleve this 6 the best running power I hav overEcen. D. S. BEN-NET. Hamburg. June, 18 1G. We purchiised one of S. W. Fostor's Hors Powers Iait tall, and have used il and think it i o firat iate Posver. JEBSE HALL. DANIELS. HALL, REUBEN S. HALL. Hamburg, June, 1846. 5G9 if 1846. 184W TEI1PEHANCE HOUSE. WILTON BARNEY OF THE Stcaiuboat Hotel, DETROIT, IS now re dy to accommodate h3 friends ar the Trave ling Public, with all thoseconvei iencc8calculated to make thein coinlortable, ar sviüi tiiiiit tkeittttts; Meals iwenty-five Cents. Rest f art in Üie City j"or lite sume Moncy. General Stuge. Office. Üleamboats leava D troit for Bxffalo cvr.ry Er trim g, ut huif past l) o'clock. C Usually.) The Railroads are withinfivc minuü ridc of the Sleamboal Hotel. S72-t HOUSE AND LOTS FOR SAL. OR EXCHANGE. HOUSE nnd threo lots united, situated ', rods S. E. of the Academy. Sold for hl pay down, or exchanged for a farm with goi builidngs, aboi't h mile from a villnge, bctwei lat. 40 and 43 deg. in New England, New Yor or Michigan, wiierc a High School may bc ol tained 3 or 6 inonths, yenrly. Enquire of t owner II. IL GrilRn, Craflsbury, Vt., or L rin Mills. andR. Moore, Ann Arbor. 2G3-3 To Country Mcrchantg. . fin HE Subacribcr has constantly for sale JL good aeaortment of heavv WOOLEN CLOTHS, i wcll atlnpted to tho country mnrket which he w sell ot wiiolesole or rctail, veut low. Cali a ■ sce tlicm at tho Manhattan Stqrs. I VV. A. RAYMOND, i 275-tf Detroit.