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Kalakaua has a uew Cabinet. Its raembers, who ptide themseelves on imitating the great republic, no sooner were firin in their seats than they commenoed looking about for revenue cuttera and men-of-war, and free trains, and were particularly anxious to know where the next agricultural fair would be held this year.- Chicago Times. General Butler's faith in himself would move a whole range of raountaina. When a New Haven Greenbacker expressed a wish to see hira inaugurated President, Butler replied : "All right; that will come intime!" how long does the General expect to live?- N. Y. Tribune. Yes, it was very wicked of "an exGovernor of South Carolina" to try and "beat" his way over an Iowa railroad, and his wife and son should not have drawn revolvers wheu the party was put off the train. Our esteemed Eepublican eotemporaries were quite right in repreheuding this "chivalrous," "arrogant," "characteristic," "fire-eating" oonduot, but they should not have neglected to say that the ex-Governor was Mr. Scott, a Eepublican ex-Governor. - N. Y. World. Government bonds are slightly lower, and the honest workingman who has a hundred or two dollars will improve the opportunity to buy sonie, and when Kearney or some one else tells him about grinding capitalists he will laugh in his sleeve and have some distinct idea of his own on that subject.- N. Y. Ilerdld. Mr. David M. Key's former Democracy got the bettor of his Hayesism when he assured a Buffalo reporter that Democratie success could not result in an increase of the Southern claims awards. Mr. Tilden has contributed $5000 to the Hale and Gorham fund ; but ho did not do it wilfully ; it was taken out of his salary as President by a man named Hayes.- Boston Post.


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