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Parepa And Carl Rosa

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The public smiled at the uuion betweeu the great Parepa and little Cari Rosa, when she might at least have been a Countess. The story of the engagínient is characteristic. Rosa was a leader, quiet, wc rthy, modest and adoring. He never ventured to press his claims, but his fuithful services made a dieper iiapression than he had an idea of. The compaDy was traveling by rail one day, when Parepa seated herself beside her silent lover, and remarked his melancholy. Rosa was blue and dowuhearted, and . the good creature triedtocheerhim up. 8he recommended matrimony to him, and, receiviug a despondent reply that no woman would marry a man in his poaition, she is roported lo have patted him patronizingly on the head with the remarle : " Cheer up, my little man ; if that ib all, I will inarry you myself." And sho did. A happier or more devoted couple thau the bighearted prima donna and her little manager rever e?isted. - Hrooklyn Eagle.


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