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Some tiuoe ngo tho Post published a list of the " special cases" tliat had been brought to tho attention of Mr. Hayes, and disposcd of by him or his aseociates. Tliis list was far from being complete, as it ineluded only the most prominent of tho box stuffers, return forgers, and the thieves who had been rewarded for their peculiar services, but the following is what might be styled a more anibitious effort. Doubtless it is yet far from being complete. Doubtless thero aie hundreds of petty crimináis, such as manufacturera or forgers of affldavit3, and manipulators of small election precincts, who have been shoved into out way places, of whom the uation is as yet oblivious, but the following enumeration will answer all practical purposes. Of course the man wno is indebted to this worthy crowd for tho office he holds has no object in lifting them from the mire into places of emolument, of trust, and of power. It was pnrely accidental, of courso. To believe otherwise ia to believe Mr. Hayes privy in some moasnre to the frauds of which he is tho beneficiary, and that will never do. We publish the list, thereforo, only for the purpose of oalling attention to the wonderful coincidences which sometimes occur in politics. J. Madison Wells, President of the Etetnrning Board, Surveyor of the Port. Thomas O. Auderson, member of the Returniug Board, SpBcial Deputy Ooilector of Customs, New Orleans. Louis M. Keuner, member of the tnrmng isoara, .uepuiy rtavai umcer, New Orleans. Wm. Pitt Kellogg, Governor of the State, United States Senator by the influence of Hayes. Morris Markes, Hayes elector, Collector of Iiiternal Bevenue. Orlando Brewster, Hayes elector, Snrveyor General. 8. B. Paokard, radical candidate for Governor on same ticket with Hayes, Consul to Liverpool. Hugli J. C'unpbell, who appended forged jurats before the Returning Board, District Attorney for Dakota. Charles Hill, who carried the second electoral returns to Washington, storekeeper in the Oustom House. H. Conquest Clarke, Kellogg's private secretary, a place iu tlielnteiior Department. George L. Smith, who fraudulently manipulaied thereturnsof nine parishes, Collector of the Port of New Orleans. W. L. McMillan, who was instrumental in breaking up the Packard Legislature, Pension Agent. St. Felix Casanave, brother of the Re turning Boarder, storekeeper in the New Orleana Custom House. W. H. Green, clerk of Returning Board, a place in the New Orleans Cus torn House. York Woodward, another clerk of the Returning Board, chief clerk in the Surveyor's office. W. F. Loan, ex-Chief of Pólice, place in the revenue office, under Markes. F. A. Clover, Supervisor of Elections in East Baton Rouge, position in New Orleans Custom House. F. A. Le Sage, astriker inEftst Baton Rouge, position in Custoni House. John Sherman, leader of the band of visiting statetmen, Secretary of the Treasury. E. W. Stonghton, visiting statesman, Minister to Russia. John A. Kasson, visiting statesman, Minieter to Austria. A. B. Lovissee, Hayes elector, special traveling agent Internal Revenue Department. L. J. Souer, who bribed the Packard Legislature to elect Kellogg Senator, appraiser of merchandiae, New Orleans. A. S. Badger, Chief of Pólice, Postmaster at New Orleans. John M. Harían, member Louisiana Commission, Associate Justice Supreme Court. J. R. Hawley, member Louisiana Commission, offered Commissionership to Paris Exposition. Ii. Desmarius, cashier New Orleans Custom House. H. M. Twicehell, Consul at Kingston. A. B. Sloanaker, piase in revenue office, W. A. Heisland, supervisor of elections, clerkship in Cnstom House. Jack WhartoD, United States Marshal. James Lowíb, nppointed Naval Officer toconciliate Kenner. Benjamin Bloomfield, ïom Anderson's crony, and member of the State ring, Auditor in New Orleans Custom House. C. S. Abel, Clerk of the Returning Board, clerk in New Orleans Custom ; ÜOUE0. Napoleon L. Lastrapes, and Paul Trevigno, strikers, positions in New Orleans Custom House. R. M. J. Kenner, brother of the Returning Boarder, place in the Custom House, New Orleans. Samuel Chnpman, Henry Smith, and E. Lukemar, strikers, positions in Custom House. E. F. Noyes, visiting statesman, Minister to France. M. L. Stearns, Governor, Commissioner of Hot Springs. L. C. Dennis, in Superintendent of Architects' office. " Judge " Cessna, Postmaster. Clerk Black, in the treasury. Clerk Vanee in the Postoffice Department. Clerk Howell, Collector of Customs. Bowles, of Leon, in the treasury. "Judge" Bell, Government Timber Agent. Elector Humphreys, Collector, Pensacola. Stearns' secretary, in the treasury. Maxwell, Lieutenant in the army. Phelps, commissioner to Paris. Varnum, Receiver Land Office. Taylor, County Clerk, in Land Office.


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