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The Children Of Israel

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According to the latest statistics that have been gathered there are, in round numbers, 8,000,000 of Jews in the world, who are thus divided: United States, 73,265; Great Britain and Ireland, 42,000; Italy, 25,000; France, 49,439; Germán empire, 512,158; Ketherlands (Holland), 68,003; Austria, 1,600,000; RuBBia in Europe, 2,612,179; Turkey, 150,000; Boumania, 247,424; Morocco, 340,000; Denmark, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada have comparatively few Jews - they number thero from 1,500 to 7,000- while Asia has 2,138,000. Most persons will be surpriscd at the statement that there are less than 73,000 Jews in the country, which is generally supposed to contain a great many more. Some reports make the number as high as 150,000; but this is probably an exaggeration. The statistios given here are said to be as trustworthy as can be had at present, though no published figures can be wholly depended on, as the Jews are scattered all over the globe, and in many places where such a thing as a census has never been taken. The Jewish population of the wnrld is loosely reckoned at from 3,500,000 to 15,000,000- a very broad margin surely - but there is reason to believe that 8,000,000 is pretty near the truth. The two countries where Jews are scarcest are Spain and Scotland.


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