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-The Democratie party is the party of truth, of reform, of honor, of progresa, of honest purpose, and we appeal to the prido of every man who chenshes its ideas and believes in its missiou, to turn away trom those who ask him to buril incensé upon stfange altara. It is the only party that has in its coiuposition elementa of perpetuity, and a vitality bom of correct principies. It alone maintains its fidelity to oonstitritiona usages and the honored traditions of the country. It is the custodian ot the hopea of that portion of the American people which long for the emanoipatiou of the nation trom the thruhlom ot corruption and the evils of misgovernnietit uuder whioh they liavo sttiggered for years. Let every man stand true to his colors. Lot him turn deaf ear to the uew fangfled teachings and fallaoioua speculations of domagogues and ofh'ce-hunters, and the greater will be his enjoyment of the coming in of the new era. - Hillsdalt Democrat. Wbile the Trilnine makes note of the substantial extinguishment of tho Democratie party iu Maine, and of other aigns of its breaking up in New Hamp shiro, Connecticut and elsowhore, let it abo wátch what is goiug on, for nstance, in Pennsylvania. In gome part of that State there seems to be a sharp couteat between the Democratie party and the Kepublican party as to wuic! of themshall recommenditself the tuon effectually to the Greenbaek party. A unión of the Republicana and the Green back men upon a single Congressiona ticket has been eft'ected in several dis tricts. Surely these facts do not i'urnis satisfactory proof that the Itepubliean party is a hearty "defender of publi credit and national honor." - Xeio Yon Etening Post. Proxy Beard's speech before the Re publican Convention appears, so far a we fian learn, to have made 110 impres sion whatever. The harrangno whicl he is paid for delivering out of olc Zach's assessment fund, is but a rehas of the cheap clap-trap of cross-road politicians, and doos uot coutaiu on single idea that is new, nor a sentinien with which overy uiau of oominon in teligence is not familiar. Probably th bentfits the Republicana anticípate fron hiring him, do not center so nmcli ii his ability to do effective work on th stunip, as in the faot that be has been identified with the Democrats and wa a meniber of their State Conveution But their recruit is so well known tha they will find him a lusing nvestiiieni - jacison Patsiot. - The remedy is to placo the govern inent in the hands of a party pledged t economize and the reuioval ot' the aru fioial obsokfi on the prosperity of th country. Even with such a change the full nieasure of relief could not b attained except by a gradual procesa There is no short cut to better time.s Tho classes who are now embarked ii the grenback inovenient must soon, ii the nature of things, awake to a reali zation of this fact. When they oouio to their senses, we shall again flml them ready to accpt the houiely truths ant old-fashioned Democratie principie which are now discarded for wild delu sious and impracticable schemes. - Buffalo C'onrier. - Tha lutet trick of the Kepublican caiupaighu oratorp is to denouuce th Dhuioui'iiIíc claim of economical admin istration as fulse becauso the eleven ap propriation bilis for tho fiscal year liïN 9 toot up ? 1Ó7,213,Í).';5.7T, as compaiuc with #140,384,606.95 for the fiscal yea 1877-8 Very well. Xow will ou Kepublican friends let us know why, i $1 öl ,'2y,'.i',i',i, isan extravigantamounl the Rupnblican Senate ref used to concu in the Hyuse's propositioa toappropnat fl47,b7,7ú9.94 lor the expenses ot (iov ernment and auiended tho appropria tion billa till they ainounted to $101, 852,269.41?- ÍT. Y. World. - Mr. Kugono Halo is about th most unregrotted " daoeased " whos Dame bas tigured of late years in the politícal obituary column. The apolo gist of Kepublioan eorruption and extravagante, the most proiuiuent agen in wringiug " voluntary contributions " from poor clerks, in imjmdunt defiance of his party's deolatatioQ anent the oivil service reform, and the ceaseloss promotor of sectional bitternesa - he falla without a íriotid whose sympathy an uian would dosiru. - N. Y. World. When the President denios that the administration has been laboring for Senator Conkling's dofuat or that any of its remováis or rappointments in Now York luiíl that and in view, he provokes a very natural curiosity to know why those remováis were theu raade. No reason was assignod for the changas. Indeed, we believe that at U.ast one of the ofriuera was offered, and declined to accept a certifícate of good eonduct whun his head was taken oiï. - Buffalo K.i reas. The defent of Hale, of Maiue - the holUiwest and uoisiust pf New England demagognes, will hnrdly be regretted even by his Kopublioan associates in Congruss. In virtue of tílaine's frieud ship, he aspifed to BOinething like the leadership of the Rcpublican sido of the House, and his conceit and assumption made hun a nuisanee that will bi; cheerfully spared. - Chicago Tines. The Demócrata will have the next House beyond i doubt, and the öreenback moveinent will cost the Republicana several distriuts which the l)ijiuocrats could uot houe to oarrv under anv eireuuistances. Tbey will lose three or four in New Kaglusd, and some in New York and Pennsylvania, bosides a iinmbermorein the Western States through this cause. - Ut, Louis Republican, - Ex Secretary Kobeson has been in Washington this week, sayiug that he expects to bë elected to Congress trom the fitst Now Jersey District by five hundrod majority As he has not yet secured the noniination, and as the Republican majority in that district was 1,800 two jears ago, wo are in doubt whether Mr. Robeson is a very modest man or not. - N. Y Ktening Vont. - We should enjoy nothing better than a oampaigo ior reform in state affairs, with a decent man ior standardbearer ; but Ben Butler as a refonner is Satan rebuking sin. We only hopo that he will suoceed in frightening the lominant pmty out ot' its boots, and calling attention to abuses which honest men will reform - we care not of what party. - Botton Jlerald. - The indioationa are that Mr. Dennis Kearnoy is lili i:ly to cost more thau he is worth. Two days after he had collected sixty dollars in Chicago he passed arouud the hat in St. Louis and uskcil for more. Thirty dollars a day is a pretty steep price to pay a man who does nothing but swear und keep a private secretary to help him. - Phïladelphia Times. Blaine and Ilamlin had the campaign all thoir own way in Mainu, and the result is not oomforting. lt was said that Vermont lost grouud because the convenlion indorsed the administration ; yet the Kepublican majority in that State was over 20,000. Maine did not indorse, and there is no liepublican miijority. - Oincinnati Gazctte. Mr. Hayes should remember that "he serves his party best who sprves his sountry best," and that he will only bring disrepute on the administration by efforts to "harmonize" the party in ioubttul districts by giving office to all jandidatea not nomiuated. - Springfldd Mm.) Bepubliean,


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