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The Prohibitory Platform

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ïbe following is the platform ut t'orth by the Prohibitioniats in tuin oounty oonvened in conventiou at Ypsilanti on the iltli : We believe that it is the the duty of the goverumeut to legally prolnbit the traflic in all alcoliolic liquors ; that both moral and legal ineaus are Deovasaiy to destroy tliia great public evil ; that the persussivo force of reason uud tlie higlier powur of religión must bo sustained and uphekl by the strong arm oï civil law in order to meet the detiance by which a pure public sentiment is obstructed and the satety of society nnpenlled ; that absolute statutory prohibition, faithtully enforced by the pulice powei ot the guvoriimeut, and with as little interfcrence as possiMo on the part of private citi.fiis, a au ïmperioua duty of the cominonwnalth ; and WiiEBEAS, The machinory of legislation in tliis IStiite is in the hands ol partios and persons who do not know tho riht in this matter, or who it( knowin the right, pursuü the wrong ; therefore Resolved, That the peoplo have no reinedy luit to niake the principie of prohibition un active issue, - to forin a party and adhera to au orfjamatiou having that end in view. livsntved, That the dimfrers threatoning our country trom the continuod anl increamg sale of intoxicating liquors present the most important issue now hefore tho people ; and we heteby earnustly entreat all candid, thoughtful temporáneo men of Washtenaw county, without regard to their past party conüections, to joiu hands with us in our effort to banisli this "gigautio crime of crimes" from our State and laud. Resolved, That as the only correct and effective law aginst the high crime of lüiuor selling is that which entirely and forever closus up the dram shop, any attempt to "regúlate," "tax," or "licouse"' the pernicious business is grossly wickud and absurd, an outrage on the moral intelligence of the peopie, and will mieerably fail in promoting the cause of temporalice or decreasiug the amount of liquor consumed, in the future as in the past. lirsolrrd, That wo cordially approve the deolaratiop of principies adopted by the recent Prohibition Stato Convontion at Lansing, and hereby expross our implicit confidonce in the integrity and nbility oí the several caudidates tor State offices nomiuated by that couveution. Resolved, That we accept with pleasure the nominatiou ot Prof. A. H. Lowrie, of Adrián Uollego, as our cnndidate tor member of ( '■mgres8 from this district, and will give him our support. Resolved, That we cordially approve and endorse the good work benig done by the Reform Clubp, Good Templars, Sonus of Teraperance, W. C. T. Unions, and other kindred organizations. and will give them our uuwavering support.


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