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- The fainily of Thomas Oooper, of Charlotte, waspoisoned on Monday last, by eating cookies which had been seasoned with arsenic by mistake. - At Coldwater on Sunday evening last the Rice Knox concert troupe gave a Sücred concert tur the benefit of the yullow fever sufferers, and $125 were raalized. - Maligntint diphtheria is prevailing at Liiiisiits;, and Reverul dnaths have ocourred. The Rep'ihliênn says that " it is as contagions and muit; fatal than scarlet fever." - W. II. Stone, one of the most promiment citizona of Adrinn, a banker there for about thirty yeara, and city trensurer twonty-one consecutive years, died suddenly on Friday morning last - Human teeth in perfect preservation, copper axes, valuable ivory, spears and many other interestiug relies have been unearthed at the Suinmerville mounds, near Niles, by Dr. Bonine. - In the last 30 years the Lake Superior copper mines have produced over 200,000 net tons, valued at $117,397,980. The greatest product - was raised in 1877. This was valued at 17,356,680. - The residence of Henry Estabrook, East Saginaw, was totally consumud by fire [Sunday morning. Insurance on house, $:í,.jOO, in North America ; on furniturc, $1,300, which will cover the loss. - George Clark, who was arrested July 4, charged with an assault with intent to couimit a rape on a girl 11 years old at Gagetown, Tuscola county, has been found guilty on trial in the Circuit. - The village of Muir is to bo sup plied with water from a spring 40 feet above the Street level, which furnishes a constant and unlimited supply of pure, fresh water The pipes aro now being laid. - At tho recent soldiers' reunión at Big Rapids, Charles Scott, a colored man, was one of the speakers who re sponded to a toast. He had seen the day when he brought $1,700 ou tho auction block. - Mrs. Kato M. Storling has been elected assessor of the school district in Klornan, Menominee county, for the full term ot' three years, she having already served four years. She also took the contract for fencing the school lot, and thesinkingof a well aud supplying of the school with wood. -At Muskegon Sept. 16, C. H. Hacklcy & Co., had lumber valued at $' 500 burned, together with a large dock. The lurabor was insured for $2,000. A heavy gale was blowing at the time, and the fire was with difficulty extinguished. - President Hayes and his party passed Adrián last Friday moruing, and at least 1,000 people were at the depot to see hiui. The President was introduced by Gov. Croswell and made a brief speech. Mrs. Hayes and Gen. Devens carne on the platform aud uil were en thusiastically cheered. - Lathrop Bros.' general store in Richmond village, Macomb county, was entered by thieves on Saturday nieht, Sept. 14, and between $000 and !j;"800 stolen. Kntrance was eflfected by tearing out a panel in a back door. The Io88 was not discovered until Sunday evening. No trace of the thieveü as yet. - Mrs. Thayer, of Concord, had a little encountor with a tramp reoently. After shu had retired sho heard some ono in another room, and upou iuvestigation she found it to be Mr. Tramp. The cosmopolitan idler iuformed her that he did not propose to leave until he " got ready," but when she let off one barrel of a double-barreled shot gun he " got ready" bofore the next one could be fired. Mrs. Thayer's grit is excellent, but unfortunately she is a poor shot. - Charles Winkler, of Cass County, had a team of horses stolen the latter part of lust week, togother with an upiii democrat buggy and doublé harnees. A man was arrested at New Buífalo Saturday with a similar team, but be claimed he had stolen it near Pontiac. Sheriff Demoret and Mr. Winkler went to new Buffalo and found it was not tbeir team. and on telegraphmg to Pontiac found bis story to be true, and that the team had been stolen there. - The Alert Hose Oompany of Big liupid bas reason to b proud. They may well put on airs since the success at tb Chicago tournament. They ran 72 rods, and attached, and laid 300 feet of hose in 64 seconds. They wero awarded the second prize, $300 in gold, jesides the special premium offered by he Silsby Fire Engine Manufacturing iJoiupany, a nickel-plated hose cart gotten up at an expense of about 11,000. It took the gold modal at the Centennial. - The mystery of the origin of the ire wbich destroyed the Kent coanty ail over .$9,000 worth, last March, has jeeu solved by the confession of John Whiting, one of the prisouers coniinod here at the time, who saya he and antber prisoner, named Frank Johnson, tuffed combustible material into the entilating rlues and set it on fi'e. The nsurance companies pay the expenseR f securing the evidence leading to the etection of Whiting and Johnson, ioth have been arrested.


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