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- The Bay City Observer no longer flies the colors oí the National-Greenback party. Bro. McMillau says that "circunstances over which he lias failed to exercise control have made it necessary ior him to dispose of hls interest in it to another person." That other is J. Wesley UrifKMi, an experienced newspaper man, and no w the Democratie State ticket occupies a place at the head of its columns. We congratúlate the Bay Democracy ou the change of base. - The Dexter Leader says : "There is a woman living tn this village who has already two living husbands, baing divorced f rom ueither,- and uow report has it that she is about to enter the aiarried state for the third tirne. The bridegroom-to-be is not a stranger." An industrious womau that. - In the Bay City Tribune of lhe 12th inst. is an article chrouicling what a reporter saw at the "Iudustrial Works" of that city, after reading which one would naturally conclude that the wave of prosperity had at last struck in that vicimty. ï'or which the Ann Arbor stockholders will be glad. - Having reduced his observations made of the recent total eclipse, Prof. Watsou claims the discovery oí two plauets inside of Mercury. He also tells us that ainong the papers left by the Frenen astronomer Le Verrier has been feund one giving calculations of an orbit which auswers to that of Vulcan as determined irom his own observations. - New York City contributes by taxatiou (not exactly voluntary but by imposition under State law) to the educational f uud of the State il,2P8,4G5.07 and draws back from the State Treasury but 574,703.19. On the other hand that model Kepublicau county, St. Lawrence, pays in f'2ó 393.67 and draws back S62,2ö3.37. Well, New York has no business to be either Democratie or wealthy. - A few weeks ago Miss Hannah Boggs, of Fremont, Ohio, was to marry Webb Hayes and be assistant mistress of ceremonies at the White House ; but rumor has changed front and now Miss Mary Killer, daughter of Anson G. Miller, of the First National Bank of Freinont, is the lucky lady of gossip. Who next ? - Col. W. S. Brown, of Chicago, formerly of this city, of " sound and reliable" fame gave the Aequs a cali on Wednesday.


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