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- Rey. Arthur Edwards, Secretary of th Detroit Conference, preached in the M. E Church laat Sunday morning, Bishop Mern being indisposed. In the afteruoon, Bev. Dr Freeman, of New Jersey preached. In th eveuing the anuivereary of the Church Exten sion Society was held. Kev. W. H. Brockwa and Chaplain McCabe spoke, after which th latter did his level best to raise a large sub scription for the M. E. Church at Salt Lak City. We have heard it suggested that a col lection iu aid of sundry debt riddert churche in this State would have been fully as appro priate. - The Detroit Conierence of the M. E Church, which closed its annual session on Monday evening last, voted, on the invitatioi of the official board, to hold lts nest session here. It is expected that the Michigan Con ference will be held at Jackson, m which case a reunión of the two Conferences is on the ' slate." - Before the adjournment of the M. E Conference on Monday eveuing an omnibus vote of thaiiks was adopted, ïncluding the Bishop, the Secretary, the citizens of Auu Arbor, the ladies of the church, the pastor and the jauitor, and, we dou't know how nany more were in the " pool." - The collection taken up at St. Thomas Church (Cathohc) on öuuday last for the fever stricken South amounted to Y94.65 St. Lawreuce Society donated 2ft.0( St. Thomas' Society donated 25.00 Total f rom the chiirch, $144.65 A generous coutribution. - The pulpit of the Presbytenan Church was supplied on Sunday morniug last by Chapain McCabe, Secretary of the M. E. Church '.xtension Society, iu the morniug, and by Eev. . Joslin, of Milford, in the eveniug. - The Baptist Church was ministered to ast Sunday by members of the M. E. Conereuce ; the Rev T. C. Allen iu the moruing, nd the Rev. T. G. Potter iu the evening. - Rev. T. C. Uardner, of the M. E. Conereuce, preached iu the Congregational Church ast Suuday morning, and the Rev. Mr. Veuing iu the evening. - The members of St. Audrew's Church Episcopal) have contnbuted $125 for the auferers by yellow fever in the South. - Rev. W. L. tribbs, Universalista, leaves Manchester for Marshall, and Rev. J. B. G-ilman returns to Manchester. - At St. Thomas' Church last Sunday forty hildren received the flrst communion.


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