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He Farmer Girl's Choice

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I ani only a farmer1 girl; John is only a farmers lad, But somehow, when vc chance to nieet, The vory sound of hls coming feet Can make my heart so glad That up to my cheeks the warm blush flies, And he reads his welcome in my eyes. I am only a farmer's girl; Master Toni ia the Sqnire's son; But, strange to teil, his feet this way Turn often toward the close of day, After the chores are done, When John (he passes the ineadow gate) Gives such a seowl, and - wlll not wait. I am only a farraer's girl. So what can the Squire want of me ! My heart is John's; John knows it well; But it isn't for me the truth to teil- So bashful a lad is he ! So the Squire may come and the Squirc may go, But all the answer heil get is " No " The Sqire praises my hair and eyes; The Squirfl says Pin a lady born. What care I for his foolish speech 'Tis Johva volee oitly my hf-art can teach To sing like the birds at moni. But John is jealous, the foolish boy, And niy days are shorn of half the'ir joy. Oh. I am only a farmer's pirl. And John is only a farmers lad, But I'd rather be his in his humble life Than be a "lèoy"1 as Sqxiire's wife, With a restles? heart and sad ! But John- so bcehful a boy is he ! Is a long whilo asking my heart of me.


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