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In A Horrible State

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W. J. Jones, who was tarred and featliered by Keno (Nev.) people and then sent out of town on a westwardbound train, was in a pitiable condition when he reached Truckee. The Sepublican of tbat place says: "We saw the victim Thursday night on the overland train. He was in a truly pitiable condition. Coal-tar or gas-tarhad been used, and used freely. This snbstance blisters like a mustard-plaster. The cnticle will peel off of Mr. Jones just as if ho had been boiled. His hair and the wound on his head were fllled with tar. The hair stuck out in all directions, or at least a mass of hair stuck out. The sockets of his eyes were level full with solid tar, which seemed to have been poured into them and allowed to cool. His whiskers seemed a large, unshapely mass of tar. His face, neck and, wc are told, his entire body liad a thick coating. The vigilantes kindly clotlied him before putting him on the train. The sight might have been ludicrous if it had not been agonizing. The train was ncarly thrce houxs in reaching Truckee. The pain eudured by the poor fellow was excruciating. Sightless, lielpless, coated with a horrid odoriferous substance, he sat tiilently, with his head bowed over. Oecasionally his fingers would grasp spasmodically it the ojien air. Sometimes his body would twitch nervously, as if from the pain he endurod. Arriving at Ti-uckee, Grandison Jones and another colored man were put to work to remove the tar. It was an hour before Dr. K. J. Goss was called upon and the linseed oil which he prescribed obtained. Everybody who saw the poor wretoh pitied him. The very men who Ijerïormed the deed would have pitied him. His sufferings wero extreme. His oyes were i'airly burning up. No one ever heard before of putting tar on a man's faee and in his eyes. Tor six hours two men workcd faithfully neutralizing the tar and removing it from his body. We saw him this morning. His eyes were terribly inflamed. It is doubtful if lie ever recovers his sight. It is fearcd the eye-balls havo been burned and blistered and forever destroyed."


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