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A Hint To The Consumptive

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A correspondent of Leu Monden calis attention to the fuct that butcher.s, i thougli they may be pule and thin wheii they enter on the business, quiekly gain frcshness of color, stontness, and a generally comfortable look. It is a pure flction, of course, that they put aaide the best portions of the meat for themselves, and it i.s a knowii fact that most of thèm lose appetite. The correspondent attributes the general well-being to assirnilation, through the respiratory passages, of nutritivo juices of the meat volatilized in the air - a kind of nutrition by efl'usion. If this be really a fact, it is argued that young people, suffering from deficiënt or impuro blood, and especially children of a weak or lymphatic constitution, might be snbjected with advantage to hygionic treatment based upon it. A well-known French physician commends the idea, and offers the following plan for the treatment of coiisumptive persons, in place of sending them oft' to distant places with reputedly mild elimates. In a well-ventilated, sun-lit and sheltercd room, with southern exposure, he Avould, by means of a Mousscron brazier, the high, moist hoat of which is salutarv and favorable to respiration, form for the patiënt an artificial climate, like that of Nico or Florida, having all the advantages. without the inconveniences. of the real mate. To aid the antiseptio action of tho warm, moist air, rich in vapora, charged with dissolved carbonic acid, lie would place in ono or more corners of the room an open bottle of water sntunittíd with sulphurous acid. By this arrangement he thinks the progress of tho tuburculation would be arrested.


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