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Cüloring Kid Gloves. - White kid may easily be colored black, purple or lilac with a solution of one part extract logwood and tliree parts brandy. Apply with a spongo and nib imtil dry. Cheap Refmgerators. - A flower-pot wrapped in a wet cloth and placed over a butter-plate wíll keep the contente of the plate as hard and firin as if thoy were set on ice ; and milk wil] not sonr if the can containing it be wrapped in a wet cloth. Good Muffins. - Most people like muffins. This is how to make them : One heaped teacupful of flour; two teaspoonfnls of baking-powder ; one table-spoonful of white sugar; ono beaten egg; one table-spoonful of melted butter ; one teacupful of sweet milk. Drop from a spoon into muflin-rings set in pie-tins, and bakc in a well-heated oven. Bread Sauce. - Put into half a pint of cold milk one small onion, three or four cloves, a small blode of mace, a few pepper-corns, and a little Kalt. Set the whole to boil, then strain the milk over a teacupful of fine bread crumbs. Stir well on the fire for a few minutes, adding at the time of serving either a small pat of butter or a table-spoonful of cream. Salt for Bedbtjgs. - To get rid of bedbugs, wash the room and the furniture of the room they frequent with salt water, filling the cracks with salt, and you may look in vain for them. Salt seems inimical to bedbugs, and they will not trail through it. Soino think it preferable to all ointments, and the buyer requires no certifícate as to its genuineness. Crah-Apple Preserve. - Piek over the fruit carefully, leaving the sterns on ; gei as many pounds of sugar as you have pounds of fruit ; put the sugar over the flre with enough hot water to dissolve it nicely ; when it comes to a boil drop in the apples, and let them boil slowly for about forty minutes, skimming all the time ; heat the jars in hot water ; put in the hot fruit, and seal at once ; or put them in stone crocks and cover with paper. Red-Pjepper Catchüp.- Cut up ripo peppers and ilace them in a preserving kettle until it is full; then cover with tho best eider vinegar and boil until the peppers have dropped to pieces. After removing from tho fire, as spon as the sauce is cool enough, I rub it through i wire sieve. It is mucb. better, in my opinión, without salt or any other condiméntèj and it is of a beautiful scarlet color, and so thick that it must bé put up for use in large-mouthed bottles or jars, and will keep fresh for years. It should boil slowly for at least four hours. Small Talk. - A good way to make flat-irons smooth is to rub them with clean lard and rub dry. A small quantity of turpentine added to stove-blacking will make tho stove easier to polish. To remove old pntty from windowf ram es, pass a red-hot poker slowly over it, and it will come off easily. -A very fair oak stam may be produced by êqual parts of potash and pearlash, say two ounces of eaeh to about a quart of water. Keep it corked up in a bottle, and it is ahvays ready for use. If it strikes too deep a color, add more water. OllÍL'tttt wf lulllL-.-ií. xa i rL vmmnexicletl as a perfectly hannless substitute for the often dangerously-adultered violet powder. To preserve cut flowers, put a drop or two of ammonia in the water. Change the water every day and cut off half an inch or so of the sterns of the flowers. Plants for winter flow7ering should be kept in pots all snmmer. They should be brought in the house and placed in their position before the winter flres are made.


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