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Facts For Kerosene Burners

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Evcry lamp filled with tho fluid is liable to explodo after burning acveral lionrs. But no explosión will ever happen when the lamp is fnll. The danger comes f rum the constant generation of an invisible vapor in the confined BJjace above the oil. The. vapor, which is inflammable, is cansed by the heat of the burner eonimunieated to the oil ; bilt it will not explode unless exposed to flame. The metal attachments on lamps often beeome forty degrees warmer than tho oil, whieh is itself sometimes as high as 200 degrees. Henee, kerosene, to be entirely safe, shoulcl be near 150 degrees proof. In the United States alone, last year. over 100 deaths per week were reported . from 'aceidents by kerosene. A simple test is to place a tablespoonful of the oil in a saneer and apply a lighted match ; if thc oil ignites it is nnsafe; never use it. If it does not take fíro it is not necessarily safe, becanse the teniperatureof the oil in open air is not so great as that in a burning lamp. Keep the metallic partsof lamps clean and the air passages open. Afteralainp lias been burning three or four hours at one time, liever relight again till filled. In extinguishing thc light, turn tho wiek down quite low and allow a few seeonds to intervene before blowing out the flickering flame, or, better stil!, do not blow it out, but let it flieker out. - Prairie Farmer. A WOMAN in Herkimer county, Mo., recently set foot upon a snake, and her glossy black hair turned white in a few hours.


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