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For Sheriff- ' JOSIAH S. CASE, of Manchester. For County Clerk- PETER TUITE, of Dexter. For ReRlster of Deed- CHARLES H. ÍÍAXLY, of Ann Arbor. For County Treasurer - MATTHEW GENSLEY, of Frocdom. For Prosecuting Attorney - CHARLES E. WlIirMAN, of Ypsilanti. For Circuit Court ('orumissioners - HOWARD 8TEPH KNSON, of YpsilantiPATRICK McKERNAN, of Ana Arbor. For County Surveyor - GEOKUE T. CLARKE, of Ann Arbor. For Coroners - MA KTIN CLARK, of Ann A rbor. FRANK JOSLIN, of Ypsilanti. THE Free Press says : "Ira B. Card is everywhere gaining friends in the Second District." He proniises to prove the " winning Card." Mr. Hewitt, chairinan of the Democratie National Committee during tha campaign of 1876 and until his resignation sonie raonths after election, promptly and vigorously repudiates all respouaibility for or knowledge of the Grainercy Park and Tallahassee cipher dispatches. Tnis is how the Chicago Times interprets the result of the recent State eleetions : " They didn't even stop to search for the fifth rib of the rug-baby, and kill it zecumdem artem. They simply and unceremoniously sat down upon the poor thing and crushed the life out of it." A NUlíBER of Detroiteis are anxious to get a brief auck at the public teat : or that is the only way we can account for the recent application to Judge Baxter to appoint supervisors of regiatration and election under the United States law. There is certainly no necessity for such a new brood of officials in ordor to secure an honest registration and election in Detroit. Every measuro or act of Oongress of which the Greenbackers complain was enacted by a Republican Congress. For Democrats to leave their party because of Huch legÏ8lation is the supremest folly. Throwing away their votes upon the National-Greenback State, Congressional, or County ticket, will be uext to voting the Republicau ticket. Will old-time Democrats vote so unwisely ? Down in Ohio the Greenbackers quietly voted the Republican ticket and left the poor DeniocraticGreenbackers " out in the cold," a sorry looking set. If Michigan Democrats who are now joint nursea of the rag baby don 't keep their eyes open they will get served the same shabby trick on November 5. In voting the NationalGreenback ticket they will only aid in increaeing the Republican majority. The New Tork Sun correctly says : " The public await with profound interest the answer Samuel J. Tilden may make to the atteiupts to cast odium upon him by recent publications of what nurported to be cipher telegrauis and their translation8, addressed by and to intímate friends of his while the decisión of the Presidential election was pending." Mr. Tilden catiuot afford delay, and it will not do for him to filter his dentáis through anonymous correspondents and interviews. CONGRESSMAX Sayler, of one of the Cincinnati district, was an honust money man, but before the recent election thoujjht it neceBsary to play hidej and-seek with the National Greenbnckers. And so the voters of his district took off his hide. Had he stood firni upon his convictions he could console himself that defeat was honorable. Now he has no reward. Let Michigan Democrats take warning. " The greenback ' vote was pretty heavy in the central and northern parts of the State drawiug mostly frotn the Democrats." So says an Ohio election news item. And this after the ühio Democracy baited their hook with greenbacks in order to win votes. Verily Senator Thurman has reaped his reward for turning his back upon bis long and honorable record in favor of bonest money and against greenback inflation. If the cipher dispatches published by the New York Tribune are genuine diapatches and correctly translated, the attempt made by Samuel J. Tilden and his agenta to bribrt or buy one of the Florida Board of Canvassers was damnable, and the Democraey who honestly waged the campaign of 1868 on the basis of " Reform " have reasoa for congratulation that it did not succeed, If they are not genuine, or are not correctly rendered into good English, the sooner Tilden and Marble and Pelton and Havemeyer and Woolley, and all others implicated, make a positive denial and show them to bo forgeries, the better for them, the party, and the country. It will not do to say that the vote of Florida honestly belonged to Tilden, or that local returns fraudeutly gave precincta and counties to Hayes. One fraud does not warrant another. Were those dispatchos sent to and from Gramercy Park with the knowledge and by tha authority of Samuel J. Tilden ? That's the question.


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