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Willard Vs. Willard

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The Hon. George Willard, of the Battle Creek Journal, ex-Kegent of the University and ex-mcmbot of Congress, is ono of tho innn wlio givo prominence and character to the National-Greenback moveinent in this State. Mr. Willard is a scholarly man with a con8ervative reputation as a politician, and his new party friends take delight in citiug his eiuineut respectability and pushing hiin to the front. Now Mr. Willard may bo an bonest convert to the doctrines ot' the new party, and an able exponent of its principies, but we should be pleased to have him give us the occasion or source of his new light, so that we may test his present belief aud position by his previous utterances. Meantitne, we give our readers, aroong whom are some of Mr. Willard's present admirers and colaborers, the following extract frora n oration delivered by him at Verinontville, K&tou County, July 4 1875, his announced theme being "Fnlse Alarms and Real Dangers " : 11 The next peril which 1 ahall mention, fellow-citizens, is the financial oue. The question whethor a dollar shall be a dollar is oue which the American people ure requued to deteriuino, and the decisión involves consequenees ot immense momeut. Let us leave out of the oonsideration all that relatas to commercial credit, the violation of faith, the temptation lurnished for the crime ot national rep.idiatiou, the general baukruptcy and financia! ruin that, nooner or later, must overtake a people which bids adieu to a sound liaaucial basis, and content ouraelves with a glauce at the effect which a coutiuued issue of govermnent paper, to be used as money, must have upou our political system. Setting asiJe the evident violation ol tho Coustitution which such an issue implies, and also the tact that stat.esmeu only resoited to ït uiuler the imperativo uecessities of war, this clothing the government with the power to make money by vicrcly placing a stamp upon paper, is fraught witk a peril whose magnitude is scarcely within the reach of human calculation. " An easential secunty to f ree govermnent has been sought in the provisión by which the power to impuse taxes and to raise mouey has been restneted to the iinme'liate representatives of the people. It was the transjïression of this principie which sent Charles the First to the scaffold. Bntish precedents comhine with American conetitutional law to puta guard arouud that great bulwark of national safety and popular freedum. But of what avail are all these efforts of persistent care and anxious watchfulness, if the governmant, un tier the ihousand quibbling pretexts which may alicays be summoned at wili may use lts power to créate oblitjations f rom. bhnifc paper, and to f orce from the people a toan by discretionary tssues of' currency f In opening the way lor thu assumption ot this privilege, iellow-citizens, you uot ouly give to the executive the control of the public purse, but you confer upon him the power to fill it with promise, for the fulfillmeut of which the nation itself is mortgaged. Should eome future President aim at a permanent giasp upon the supreme power, he could use your promises to pay as a means to raise and support his legionarios for the overthrow ot your iiberties. "or is such an event wholly chinierical. "We have on ly to imagine a condition such as repudiatiou and baukruptcy must inevitably produce, an utter prostration ot our industries, a general arrest oí productivo energy in all parta of tbc laud, the discharge of laborers from all steady employmeut, and, addod to this, the peculiar disposition to depoudence shown by certaiu classes of our population, both north aud south, in order to realiza that the clamor for bread muy co-operate with executive anibition, and both together, by the agency ot a depraved but convenient fiuancial system, may wreek all the fair and iond hopes wbioh men have cherished in regard to the luture destiny of the Kepublic. Such is the fihauoial danger ; and a wise peopla 3hould be warned in time to resist any and every policy which should make it even remotely poasible. "If ever our nation shall be callod upon to üncounter the Commuue, irredecmable paper money will be revealed in close alliance with the calamity, it, indeed, it nhall uot prove to have been its prominent cause." Have fiaancial principies changed since July 4, 1875 ? have uew powers Deen given tu tiio Oüveiuuionh oioo that date? or will new issues of "paper to be used as money " be in tho futuro any less an " evident violation of the Constitution " than at the date of Mr. Willard's quotod word", words pregnant with truth and wisdom 'f TlIE Adriau Times, Republican, bases its predictions of the reolection of Mr. Willits iu this Congressional District on the assumption that the NationalGreenbackers have deuioralized the Democracy. It alleges that in Hillsdale County, and in sorao parts of Leuawee County, " the Democratie organization has been virtually swallowed up by the Nationale." Of the condition in the other two counties in the district the Times says : ' From Washtenaw and Monroe counties the uews is cheeriug. Our opponents art divided and distracted The Demócrata are dazed and hopeless, the Nationals noisy, but the accessiona to thoir ranks are mostly from the l)emocracy, BDjd the best informed Kepublicüiis in both couuties pteiiict and coutidently expect a plurality in favor of the Kepublican tickets." That tis it. The Republican-Greenbiickers are to be trolled back into the party after having acted as stool pigeons to trap unwary Djmocrats, while tbeir Dumocratic associates are expected to stand firm by the uew party and give the Republicana an easy victory. How do the Democratie Green backers relish the work they are expected to do V A vote for Thomas is evidently a vote for Willits. "The Aun Albor AKOUS publishes long Republican speeches, now, for lts readers delectation. The Aeous is doing good work for the Kepublicans, aud they should eucouragü it." - Adnan Press. A sound financial speech in the columns of the Press, even though made by a Republican, would be a God-send to its readers. The hash it serves up on what is really the leading issue of the citmpaigu is of such a hotch-potch nature as to be indigestible aud surfeiting : ïieither honest money, greenback, nor anything jlse two dnys or weeks in succession. Our cotemporary bas enough to look after around homo and need n't worry himself about the contents or policy of the Akqus. The Demócrata of the First Representative District of this county have again nominated John 8. Hendoruon, of Pittsfield. Mr. Henderson made a good run last year, and at the coming electiou ought to be able to come in winner. He will if he gets the f uil Deraocratio vote. Maxtox Mauble has not let " grass grow uuder his feet," but makes an explicit and positive denial of all knowledge of or reeponsibility for those " cipher dispatches," or of any attempta at bribery or corruption. Good for Marble. The Republican majority in Ohio is officially announced as 3,154. Total National-Greenback voto in Ohio, 38,322. Two National-Greenback Congressmen elected in Iowa. 50,000 Letter añil) Note Meails just received at the AROUS Office. Now i th tlm to band In your order.


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